Resident Evil 8 Ending And Plot Explained

Resident Evil 8 Ending

Today we will take a dip into the ocean of horror games to get the Resident Evil 8 ending and plot explained.  The Resident Evil series by Capcom has always been a popular franchise among gamers, and specially among horror game enthusiasts. There is no doubt about the eighth instalment in the RE series is getting attention since the announcement in 2020. As it already had a huge fandom prior to the release. Fans all around the entire globe are presenting many theories about the plot since before and after the release of the game. We all can even see players cosplaying as characters from RE8, especially as Lady Dimitrescu. Because the tall and exceptionally beautiful lady with a sinister glare has petrified the hearts of many Resident Evil fans.

The plot of RE Village follows the story after the events of Biohazard, making it a direct sequel to previous Resident Evil game. The players will again control the character Ethan Winters, who is on a search mission for his kidnapped daughter in a mysterious village. While on this survival adventure in this village, Ethan will come across many terrifying secrets. Aside from the best single-player experience, players can also enjoy multiplayer, which will be released in 2022 as an update. The game also called back many features from past games, like using the makeshift barricades to fend off enemies, RE4’s inventory management mechanics and also saving the game using a typewriter like in the fourth instalment. Now let’s discuss the Resident Evil 8 ending and plot in details because the game’s stories have always been a little confusing for the gamers.

What is the Resident Evil 8 Ending and Plot?

Three years after the events with Bakers, Ethan is living a peaceful life with his wife Mia and their newborn daughter Rosemary in Europe. Chris Redfield, protagonist of past RE series, helped Ethan to start a new life and bury the scary past behind. However, Chris and his squad, attacks the Winters family one day, killing Mia and kidnap Ethan and his daughter. However, Ethan wakes up near a sinister village and starts looking for Rose. In that village, werewolf-like creatures called Lycans are attacking the villagers. Winters tries to protect them but fails and a Lycan bites his hand. (There is some problem with Ethan’s hand because it got chopped in Biohazard, then werewolf bites it and again gets chopped in Village)

Then Heisenberg captures Ethan and brings him in front of Mother Miranda and her four lords. Miranda asks Heisenberg to take care of Ethan and sends him into a death trap. However, Winters escapes the death trap and ends up in Lady Dimitrescu’s castle, where he finds his daughter’s head in a flask. An obese merchant known as Duke informs him the Village priestess has split Rose in four halves and plans a special ritual, but Ethan can still save his daughter.

Resident Evil 8
Mother Miranda and the four lords meet Ethan Winters.

Ethan eliminates all the four dukes and collects all the four flasks. While on the adventure in the village, Ethan meets Chris again, who reveals the Mia they killed was actually Miranda. She was mimicking as Ethan’s wife to abduct Rose. And she succeeds to do so after the truck crash in the beginning of the game. After Ethan killing all four lords, Mother Miranda again appears in front of Winters and kills him.

After Ethan’s death, Agent Redfield sets on a mission to save Rose and take down Miranda. Soon Chris finds Megamycete, the source behind mold (a fungus and kinda the antagonist in RE7). The BSAA agent also finds Miranda’s lab and discovering all her secrets. Miranda is alive for centuries because of Megamycete, and she was the one who educated the Umbrella Corp founder about the fungus. Further, Spencer used that knowledge to develop the game’s infamous “t-virus” and later Miranda experimented with the virus to resurrect her dead daughter, Eva. The Lycans, the four lords and Eveline are the failed attempts to resurrect Eva. However, she plans to use Rose this time because of her mutant powers. Chris also finds imprisoned Mia and saves her too during his mission.

Resident Evil 8
Ethan Winters confronts Mother Miranda.

Meanwhile, Ethan is having a conversation with Eveline in an oblivion world. Eveline reveals he died when Jack Baker killed him in Biohazard. However, the mold gave Ethan super regenerative powers. Duke again helps Ethan to reach the ritual spot where Miranda was resurrecting her daughter. But the priestess ends up resurrecting Rose instead of Eva, which infuriates her. In her rage, she tries to kill Ethan, and the final boss fight begins. After killing Miranda, Ethan’s body starts decaying because of his weakening abilities. Soon, the Megamycete comes out of the ground and wreaks havoc. However, Ethan sacrifices himself and detonates the Megamycete with him. And Chris escapes the village with Mia and Rose.

In the post credit scene, we witness the teenager Rose, who visits her father’s tomb. However, she gets a call from an organization for some sort of mission. The game concludes with a mysterious figure approaching near Rose’s vehicle.

What can we see in Resident Evil 9?

Resident Evil 8 Ending
Rosemary Winters might be the protagonist of the Resident Evil 9.

From the Resident Evil 8 ending, we can expect Rose to be the protagonist in next game and is working with Chris. Many gamer theories suggest Rose has memories and vast knowledge of Mother Miranda and Eveline. Therefore, the mysterious figure might be sent after Rose to capture her. Meanwhile, some theories also suggest that it was Ethan, and he’s alive and protecting his daughter from the shadows. But there is a third theory which seems really interesting that maybe Miranda or Eveline’s will resurrected in Ethan’s body. Thus, Evil Ethan is after Rose to fulfil some sinister master plan. If the third theory is correct, then the next game is going to be filled with a lot of drama. As the conflict between a father and daughter would be epic and emotional.

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