RerideD Anime Reveals Visuals and Staff Members!

Guess what? We are having an amazing anime coming to all of us in Fall 2018; The anime staff recently announced that the anime would air in Fall 2018 and we’ve also got a Key Visual and Character designs for this show. The anime series is directed under Takuya Sato (Director of Steins; Gate), and the character designs are done under the table of Yoshitoshi Abe.

Well, let us have a look at the Key Visual for the anime, featuring the main characters in energetic poses. We also have the character designs for the characters you can see in this key visual. So, without any more delays let us check them out:

Derrida Yvain (Voiced by Kensho Ono)

Mage Bilstein (Voiced by M・A・O)

Yuri Dietrich (Voiced by Himika Akaneya)

Vidaux Völker (Voiced by Hiro Sasaki)

Mayuka (Voiced by Kaede Hondo)

Graham (Voiced by Kazutomi Yamamoto)

Donna (Voiced by Yu Kobayashi)

Nathan Bilstein (Voiced by Takahiro Sakurai)

Hans Andrei (Voiced by Minoru Inaba)

Jaques Yvain (Voiced by Kenichiro Matsuda)


Plot Summary: The story begins somewhere in 2050, following a popular young engineer has known by the name Derrida Yvain, thanks to his invention, “Autonomous Machine DZ”, However, one day, Derrida and his co-worker Nathan discover a problem in DZ and attempt to report it to their boss at Rebuild (A manufacturing company).

Their observations get ignored by the boss, and the next day, unknown enemies attack them. Derrida manages to escapes from there and hide inside a cold sleep machine but doesn’t wake up for next ten years. He awakens to find the world covered by a war fought by his inventions. Now, he decides to search for Nathan’s daughter Mage and protect her at all costs.

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