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Requiem of the Rose King: Fall Anime Announcement

Requiem of the Rose King: Fall Anime Announced
Requiem of the Rose King Promotional image - credit Aya Kanno

We all know the plethora of genres out there in the anime and manga community. Just as about action, adventure, mystery, comedy, romance, and what not. If one were to try and find a literary classic, they are bound to find the Historical Dark Fantasy, Requiem of the Rose King. The story is adapted from the Shakespearean classic, Richard III. Requiem of the Rose King tries to adapt this story but with its own twists. The manga has been there for quite some time now, but we finally have some news regarding the anime adaptation of the same.

Although the manga does adapt Shakespeare’s Richard III, there are some aspects that make it quite a bit original. Therefore, the story is rather loosely adapted to the original work, yet it could have been the only best adaptation to come out of this Shakespearean classic. Shakespeare’s original story represented Richard as a “deformed ” character. But here in Requiem of the Rose King, he has been shown in a much sensible way. He is shown representing the LGBTQ+ community. As he portrays an intersex character in the series.

Requiem of the Rose King: Fall Anime Announced

Richard Plantagenet – credit Aya Kanno

The protagonist tries to deal with his anguish as he tries to make out his own identity and sex. Right from his birth, he has been called a monster by his mother, which has dealt a psychological scar on him. The art style of the manga is truly gorgeous and astonishing. The anime may fall below expectations in terms of adaptation as it may face censorship. But nevertheless, Requiem of the Rose King anime is highly anticipated.

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Requiem of the Rose King Anime Announcement

Aya Kanno’s dark fantasy historical drama manga Requiem of the Rose King has been serialized since October 2013. Being on the Shoten’s Monthly Princess magazine for quite some time, back in September 2020 Requiem of the Rose King was announced to have an anime adaptation in the works. This announcement was made by Aya Kanno’s official Twitter handle. At that point, the manga had 14 tankobon volumes of the chapters. The English editions for the same are published by Viz and have 13 volumes up till now.

Requiem of the Rose King: Fall Anime Announced

Covers for Requiem of the Rose King Volumes 1 and 14 – credit Aya Kanno.

Now on the release of Requiem of the Rose King Volume 15 in Japan, we hailed another news as well. Requiem of the Rose King anime is set to have a Fall 2021 release. This has been announced by Aya Kanno’s official Twitter handle again as the anime is set to have its release sometime in October 2021. As of now, the details of the production are yet to be confirmed. The studio name, staff members, cast, trailer, visuals, and the confirmed released date are yet to be revealed. Any new information will soon be updated. Nevertheless, we will be witnessing the anime adaptation of the War of Roses and it is something for you to definitely have an eye on!

Requiem of the Rose King Plot

The crown of England is a prestigious position and has been in contention throughout history. In the middle ages, i.e., the fifteenth century, there were a series of civil wars fought for getting control over the crown. This series of wars was later dubbed to be called the War of Roses. This ongoing war took place between the supporters of two rival cadet branches of the Royal House of Plantagenet, the House of Lancaster, and the House of York. The House of Lancaster was represented by a Red Rose while the House of York was represented by a White Rose. In this ever-waging war, the Duke of York tries to dethrone and claim the crown of England from King Henry VI and his heir.

King Henry VI – credit Aya Kanno

As described, on a dark day filled with many ill omens, the Duke of York has a son. His name is Richard III but the truth is, he is neither male nor female as he had characteristics possessed by both sexes. He is soon despised by his mother who often called him a monster. This constant hatred defined his childhood, scarring his life. He felt disgusted towards his own body and was starting to accept himself to be a spawn of a demon. As Richard was growing up, he used to have visions of England’s former foe, Joan of Arc. Richard was often taunted by Joan that he would destroy his family. So, Richard tries to attain salvation by helping his father gain control over the crown. During this mission, Richard must face his mother and Joan’s expectations, trying his best to not drag his family down.

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