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Requiem of Rose King Anime Postponed to January 2022

Requiem of the Rose King: Fall Anime Announced
Requiem of the Rose King Promotional image - credit Aya Kanno

Some of the anime slated for a 2021 release are experiencing delays, and Requiem of Rose King is the latest anime to be affected. With the pandemic still ongoing, it is becoming more difficult for anime production teams to work under pressure with the lockdown restrictions still in effect. So various anime have experienced delays in their release due to such circumstances. 

The summer 2021 season is already in full swing, and luckily enough, we didn’t have a lot of shows that were affected, and most of them still made it in time and are ongoing. But we do have few shows that have experienced delays, with Requiem of Rose Kinga anime experiencing delays and receiving a new premiere date. This means that we won’t be getting Requiem of Rose King episode 1 anytime soon.

Requiem of Rose King anime was slated to release in Fall 2021, but later on, the anime met some production issues that saw it postponed to next year’s release. Earlier this month, the official website of Requiem of Rose King anime released an official statement that the anime will no longer make it in time for a Fall 2021 release, AnimeNewsNetwork reported. The exact cause of the delay was not revealed, but it was reported that it has to do with issues surrounding the anime production.

The anime staff and production team have already been announced, and fans were looking forward to the anime’s fall debut. The director will be Kentaro Suzuki (Who also worked on shows like Angels of Death) from J.C Staff. Hiroki Uchida (who worked on anime like Days of Urashimasakatasen) will be the anime project’s supervisor and scriptwriter. The character designs will be handled by Tsutomu Hashizume.

Requiem of Rose King Anime Release Date

Requiem of the Rose King

Requiem Of The Rose King

Requiem of Rose King episode 1 will be released in January 2022. This will be in Winter 2022 season as the production team of the anime has already been assembled. In the meantime, fans will be kept busy by other ongoing shows for the summer season. And later on, the Fall 2021 season will start, so you will have to wait a little while if you were looking forward to this anime. 

The anime is based on the manga of the same name featuring a dark fantasy story based on Shakespeare’s historic drama Richard 3. The official website describes the anime as being set in medieval England during the war of the roses. The White Rose York and the Red Rose Lancaster are competing for the throne while Richard, the third son of the york family, meets Henry, a shepherd man, and is run over.

The news was also announced on the anime’s official Twitter account, together with an apology to the fans. The official Twitter message reads that the production team has posted a notice on their official website about changes in the broadcast time of the TV anime: Requiem of Rose King. The message further reads that the production team has decided to change the broadcasting time from Fall 2021 broadcasting 2021 to January 2022.

Requiem of Rose King manga is still ongoing and started serialization in Akita Shoten’s monthly princess magazine in October 2013. The manga has collected 15 bound volumes by March 2021 and is currently under VIZ Media licensing for its English versions. To date, the manga has inspired three drama CD releases and a spinoff manga series with the upcoming anime adaptation as the latest of its projects. 

The anime has already released key visuals with more details to be updated later. The cast and the production teams have been announced already, and further details like the anime’s premiere date and trailers will be released in due time. A PV of the manga was earlier released when the initial announcement of the Fall 2021 release was announced. But when fans were still waiting for an anime PV, more issues arose, which ended up with the production being postponed. We have Requiem of Rose King manga PV below:

That would be all from the official updates from the anime producers. More details will be communicated in due time as the end of the year approaches. But for now, we will be on the lookout for any updates, and we will always bring you the latest news as soon as they are released. For more shows upcoming in fall 2021, you can read the Fall 2021 anime list.

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