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Remembrance of Things Past (2021) Episode 12 Ending Explained

In today’s article, we shall talk about the Chinese drama Remembrance of Things Past (2021) Episode 12. Those who are big-time fans of Chinese dramas must be aware of this series and have already started watching it. It’s a drama on life, friendship, and love. Remembrance of Things Past is directed by Li Mo, and it has twelve episodes in total. It was premiered on 19th July 2021 on Hunan TV Mango. In this article, we shall mainly focus on the 12th episode of Remembrance of Things Past (2021). Along with that, we shall also cover the main cast, plot, and episodes of the same drama. This article is going to be very interesting for you if you are a real Chinese drama fan.

Those who aren’t aware of the drama, I highly recommend you to watch it. Now, you must be wondering where to watch Remembrance of Things Past (2021). Well, you can watch it on the MGTV drama channel, MGTV. The entire drama is revolved around four best friends. The story is centered on friendship, love, sacrifice, and everything that young men and women face in their lives. Sounds interesting, right? So what are you waiting for? Without further ado, let’s jump in.

Remembrance of Things Past (2021): Cast and Characters:

The main characters of this Chinese drama are Qiao Xi Chen, Xu Yan, Hu Jing Jing, Ji Nan Jia, Jian Yi Fan, Ou Min Yang, Lin Rui, and Shen Zi Chang. These roles have been played by Zhou Yu Tong, Sun Qian, Jolin Jin, Ren Su Xi, Bai Yu Fan, Kido Ma, Dai Yun Fan, and Tyler Follmer, respectively.

There are several other supporting characters as well in Remembrance of Things Past.

Remembrance of Things Past (2021) Episode 12 Explained

Remembrance of Things Past (2021)

Remembrance of Things Past (2021) Plot

A group of eight young men and women meet in Beijing for the sake of fulfilling their dreams. The entire drama is set on friendship, love, sacrifices, and life. But they experience various challenges and tests both in their relationships and career. At the end of the drama, we learn that they understand the meaning of hard work, determination, optimism, and diligence.

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Remembrance of Things Past (2021) Episode 12 Recap

Before Remembrance of Things Past (2021) Episode 12, we have seen that Qiao Xi Chen, Xu Yan, Hu Jing Jing, and Ji Nan Jia are the four best friends. But Hu Jing Jing dies. Qiao Xi Chen’s parents are happy with the news of their daughter’s relationship with Jian Yi Fan. But unfortunately, Jian Yi Fan plans to quit, not for himself but for the betterment of where they work. The CEO of the company doesn’t allow a manager to share a romantic relationship with a subordinate. Also, Jian Yi Fan doesn’t like Beijing and thus offers Qiao Xi Chen to go to Yunaan. Jian Yi Fan plans to start his new business in Yunaan. But she refuses as it’s too far.

Later, Jian Yi Fan tells her that he hasn’t decided against relocating to Yunaan yet. But when Qiao Xi Chen understands that he badly wants to go to Yunaan where he can start his business and be his boss, she wants him to leave Beijing. Also, she adds that she won’t be giving up on their relationship, rather stays in a long-distance relationship. On the other hand, Ji Nan Jia runs to the airport where Ou Min Yang picks up his mother. She thinks that Ou Min Yang is leaving her, but that’s not the case. It proves how much she likes him. His mother wants him to leave the country for business, but he refuses to do so. Ou Min Yang claims to love Beijing and asks Ji Nan Jia to convince his mother. Later his mother approves.

On the other side, Xu Yan knows that Shen Zi Chang wants to end their relationship. Thus she asks him to meet so that she can ask for their split. She also thanks him for loving her, caring for her, and pampering her during the time of their relationship. Xu Yan also claims not to regret loving him and later leaves for Beijing.

Remembrance of Things Past (2021) Episode 12 Ending Explained

One year later, we see Qiao Xi Chen as she continues to work at the Yann Coffee and still stays with Jian Yi Fan. Ou Yang and Ji Nan Jia also stay together in a relationship. On the other hand, Xu Yan at times visits Beijing and meets her girls. They still miss their best friend, Hu Jing Jing.

If you haven’t watched the drama Remembrance of Things Past (2021), I highly recommend you to watch it. You will not regret it for sure.

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