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Remake our Life Episode 1 – Brand New School Drama Anime Series

Remake our Life!

Let’s look at another upcoming anime in early July. ”Remake our Life!” is a drama anime that takes place in school. Hashiba Kyouya is a 28 years old game developer who lost his job after his company went bankrupt. After losing his job, Kyouya head back to his hometown and become distressed. Later Kyouya finds that he teleported back ten years before he entered college. Life has given him a second chance to change his fate. The story follows a man who failed in his life and gets another opportunity.

Kyouya is born in Nara Prefecture and dreams of becoming a game developer after graduating from university. He keeps on changing his job. At the age of 26, Kyouya persuades his dream and work as the director of a game company. But the company ends up falling apart. Later he finds himself in 2006 and wonders what is happening. He realizes that he has already completed his studies at the University of the Arts in O’China. Kouya realizes that this is another chance for him to be successful in the future.

Kyouya heads to the Department of Film Science at Otsu University of the Arts. He got employed part-time worker at the convenience store with Nanako. Kyouka joins the art study group that begins to create a video work in six months. Kyouya completes his work while facing challenges and difficulties. Aki Shino is a second-year student who worked in the Department of Film and was nicknamed “Sinoaki.” Kyouya got disappointed by things happening in this world and went back to 2018, where he got married to Aki Shino. Aki helped her husband choose his goals, and the two had a child, and Kyouya returned to the past.

Remake our Life! Summary

In 2016, Kyouya worked as a popular illustrator and started to call himself Shino Akishima. Kyouya and Aki joined the Art Society, and Aki became Kyouya’s favorite after developing a doodling game. The two enjoyed working together, and in 2018 they got married. Aki became a mother, but she continues working as a painter. Nanako Kogure is a second-year student who also worked with Koyouya and Aki at Kyouya’s Department of Film.  In the past, Nanaka was a popular singer and also worked part-time at a convenience store.

Nanako dreamed of becoming a popular singer and actor, and Kyouya helped her become a great singer. In 2018, Nanako advertised her singing videos on Nico Nico Douga. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the fame that she wanted. Tsurayuki is a boy with dark brown hair and brown color eyes. He likes to wear a tan dress jacket, jeans, and brown shoes. Tsurayuki seems to be a lazy boy, but he excelled in his studies and surprised the other students with answers and questions that he said during the lessons.

Kyouya the Traveller

The students realize that the guy is a genius. Eiko is a girl with long hair and gold eyes and likes to wear a light beige long-sleeved shirt and wears wooden sandals. Eiko works hard to achieve her goals, and she has to lose; she also works at Kyouya’s Department of Film, becoming Kyouya’s partner. In the future, Eiko is surprised that Kyouya is her colleague and a leader in planning and development. Life becomes upside for Kyouya as he traveled to the end and the past.

Remake our Life!

Remake our Life!

Kyouys realizes that traveling will help change his life and get a better future. Kyouya knows that traveling is an opportunity to rewrite the history of his life and realizes that art is one of his dreams and became an art college student. He lives in a house where he has to share it with three other people before traveling to the past and meet with Aki. Aki became an inspirational figure to Kyouya; even though they have suffered together, she didn’t leave him to maintain their marriage and raise their child.

That was all about Kyouya and the journey he took, traveling to the past to fix the error that made him lose his job. More details will be available after the anime release that first episode. As the anime continues to release a new episode every Saturday, we will find if Kyouya’s future will change after he traveled back in ten years. Kyouya is a boy who loves to study and follow his dream, but he messed up in the future trying to save his company and ends up ruining everything.

Remake our Life Episode 1 Release Date

Remake our Life Episode 1 release date is 3 July 2021.  You can watch  Remake our Life online on Crunchyroll.

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