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Reliance Jio Cloud Gaming Is Coming Soon To India

Cloud Gaming is a technology which is making a lot of buzz in the market in recent years. Many tech giants are working towards bringing their own cloud gaming platform in order to dominate this industry. A lot of companies like Sony, Nvidia, Microsoft have already established a good base in this sector. A company called The Gaming Project is currently famous for providing cloud gaming services in India. This tech is fairly unexplored in India as there are not many competitors.

There have been rumours and news going around since last year about Reliance Jio stepping into the cloud gaming industry. Since the competition is less and the pricing provided by Jio always tends to be unmatched, Jio could make a huge profit in this sector. All the rumors and news regarding the development of cloud service were indeed true as Jio is soon launching its cloud gaming service. When? What would be the price? We will discuss it later. But first, do you know what cloud gaming is? No? let us explain to you.

Gaming Devices

What is Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming is a blessing for all the people who wish to play all the AAA+ games at high-quality graphics but couldn’t afford to do it because they don’t have the money to buy costly graphic cards and high-end devices. With cloud gaming, all you would need is a PC or a Mobile with more than 2GB of RAM, a Google Chrome above particular version, and a good internet speed. 10 MBPS would be the threshold. All the games will be hosted on the server of the company providing this service. You just have to subscribe to their services and start playing. The better internet you have, the less lag you will face while gaming. Internet speed is the most important part from your side here. The subscription prices vary from company to company. So this is what cloud gaming is. Playing high-end games on your normal devices would be possible now because of this technology. You can enjoy gaming on monthly subscriptions, weekly plans, or even hourly plans, just like how you did it in the gaming cafes in the good old days.

Cloud Gaming Devices

Jio Cloud Gaming Details

In the recent Gamescom India Games event, Ashish Gupta, who is the General Manager for Jio Platform, gave some major hints on what we can expect from Jio in Cloud Gaming. He says that gaming in India is a big thing. The average minutes spend playing the game on a Jio device increased to 37 minutes from 22 minutes. People of all ages play different kinds of games on their mobiles. People love playing the same games on different platforms. The new android styled set-top box has made it easier to play  Android games on your TV screens without any additional cost. Jio is also working towards bringing in more smart TV games.

Jio is working on bringing its cloud gaming to smartphones, Set-Top Box, and probably on PCs and Laptops. He says they want people to enjoy the same game across all the platforms seamlessly. Since internet speed is the major factor in enjoying a smooth gaming experience, Jio is also working on its 5G services so that it can be a great incentive for the users to upgrade to 5G for a better gaming experience.  The main focus would be on mobile and set-top boxes because users who want to play high-end games on PC usually have a good PC or Laptop. There is a huge community of mobile gamers in India, and Jio is trying to hit that market.

Release Date and Pricing

We don’t have a release date yet, but most probably, users in India will get to experience cloud gaming in 2021 itself. Initially, there were reports that Project xCloud, Microsoft’s cloud service in India, would be a tie-up between Jio and Microsoft, but those reports don’t look true now. Anand said gamers in India do spend a lot of money through in-game purchases. So making people spend on these services won’t be a big ask.

There are no details on the subscription plans for now. Soon, all the details like the pricing, release date, and if this service is a partnership between Jio and Xbox or a sole adventure by Reliance Jio will be known to everyone.

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