Relation Of Aokiji Kuzan With The Straw Hats


Aokiji Kuzan, one of the former Admiral of Marine and currently one of the strongest antagonist squad of One Piece, the Blackbeard Pirates. His strength and ability is truly remarkable and dependable for whoever he fights alongside with. Although we haven’t got to see him for that long or got to know much about him but whenever he encountered Straw Hats, the full of his vicious self wasn’t there, something was always off, seemed like he couldn’t be the monster that others know him to be. There must be a reason for that just other than his “absolute justice” motto or something. Could it be that he is somehow connected to any one of the Straw Hats??


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First we will be checking Brook. To be honest we don’t know anything about his life but a little part where he was a pirate and met Laboon and other stuff. But he seems to have some similarities with Aokiji Kuzan. They are both ridiculously tall. They both have curly hair, for Brook it turned out to be a afro though. Both have strong ice based abilities although Aokiji got his from a Devil Fruit but he did nurture his power to a whole new level. His appearances are kind of weird like Brook with all this lame jokes he makes and awkwardly looks at people. And the craziest part is Aokiji was exactly 50 years old before time skip and Brook died approximately 50 years ago before he met luffy and others. All of this are simply coincidences? We should think bigger than that!


Then we all came to know he joined Blackbeared Pirates which happens to be one of the biggest enemies of Luffy for he captured Ace and traded him with the Marine. Most probably he is there as a double agent under Garp and he is doing this pretty well so far. And despite being a dedicated Marine guy Garp always tries to make sure Luffy’s safety as he did for Ace. And choosing Aokiji for this dangerous job takes a lot more than just courage because Blackbeared happens to have the strongest Logia and Paramecia Devil Fruit already and according to some theories, he may or will have a third Devil Fruit which can be the strongest of Zoan types. So joining them could have a slight possibility to ensure the safety of Straw Hats from Blackbeard cause it’s natural for Garp to worry about his grandson after all. And not to forget, he fought Shakazuki Akainu over the Post of Fleet Admiral in Marine where his hatred might have come from Akainu killing Ace while trying to kill Luffy on his own and eventually left the Marine for more dangerous adventure. And he himself confessed that he and Monkey D Dragon had a connection which may still be intact. So somehow this guy was in touch with the whole Monkey D family one time or another.


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And now we will see the most obvious part that we haven’t discussed yet. Aokiji and Nico Robin. He helped Robin escape on the Ohara incident. He made sure she could run away safely and kind of watched over her until and and probably after she joined the Straw Hat pirates. And as an Admiral or Vice Admiral he made rather less villainous impressions that other two admirals used to show almost every time. He did hurt Robin and Luffy on sauna island but they didn’t actually die and that was one of biggest lessons of Luffy and others for their friendship to get stronger.┬áNico Robin and Aokiji both one way or another were in touch with Monkey D Dragon (of course a lot of people have this similarity I know!) and and they both feel hope for Luffy which is not that big but surely one significant connection. When he let Robin escape he went inside Ohara afterwards and frankly, he is strong enough to save people from a Buster Call easily and according to his moral senses, it is not impossible to think he saved someone else separately to deceive marine from capturing them for their own safety, Robins mother perhaps? Nico Olivia went to travel in sea and her activities there is quite unknown to us and even to Nico Robin herself so hypothetically it’s not totally impossible for Olivia to develop some bond between her and Aokiji or they had it before that which could have led them to have Robin as their child. Pretty crazy? Yep! So lets not talk about this ever again! But just to let you know, using mother’s surname to save children from the wrath and insecurities of Pirate World is not new in One Piece if you know the name Portgas D Ace. I leave the rest of the puzzle for you to solve…


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With all this facts and other histories of Straw Hat crewmates having families real strong or importance in the pirate world, it’s not that much of a crazy think to think Aokiji Kuzan is connected to someone of the Straw Hats through more than just feelings. Maybe not directly, maybe he is connected to some mentor or guardian of someone from Straw Hats (other than Garp of course) and silently trying to protect them while they establish themselves for a better platform constantly. Is that the actual reason behind this?? The man who became Marine Admiral can’t be that easy to manipulate right?? So what else can make him act this way to Straw Hats?


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