Reflection Of You Episode 6: Release Date & Preview

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Reflection Of You Episode 6
Shin Hyun-been and Kim Jae-young in a still from the series Reflection Of You

Reflection Of You is back with its latest episodes. In this article, you will get acquainted with the release date of episode 6 of the series and preview. Till now, we have witnessed that the main characters are interconnected with each other. Each of their’s lives is influenced by the other. Though this story revolves around the leading ladies of the series, their male counterparts also play an equally important role.

Hee-Joo and Hae-won are friends turned foes in each other’s lives. They used to share a beautiful bond however, things did take a turn. No need to elaborate that it was not for good. Presently, Hee-joo despises Hae-won’s presence. She fears that she will reveal some uneasy truths from her past. Hee-Joo’s husband also seems to know something about their relationship. Secrets are unfolding at their own pace, and the upcoming episodes will have a lot to say.

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Reflection Of You Episode 6 Release Date And Cast

Reflection Of You episode 6 will release on 28th October 2021. The series has a time span of 1 hour to 1 hour 10 minutes approximately. It gets on air every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30 pm. Go Hyun-Jung and Shin Hyun-been essays the role of Jung Hee-Joo and Goo Hae-won, respectively. The male leads, Seo Woo-Jae and Ahn Hyeon-Seong are played by Kim Jae-young and Choi Won-young.

Reflection Of You Episode 6 Kdrama Streaming Details

Reflection Of You is telecasted all over South Korea with JTBC as its original network. This drama is available on Netflix for the international audience. Reflection Of You is telecasted two days a week, Wednesday and Thursday.

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Reflection Of You Episode 5 Recap- Spoilers Ahead

The comeback of Woo-Jae doesn’t go well with Hee-Joo. She still couldn’t fully comprehend the entire situation. However, the attitude of Woo-Jae was completely different. As if he has never met her before. Hee-Joo tried to have a conversation with him to understand what’s his ulterior motive behind this sudden appearance. Hae-won informed her that he had lost his memories in an accident years ago. This was unexpected for Hee-Joo. She was not ready to believe this as she thought Woo-Jae was just pretending, and he wanted to bring her past life up.

Reflection Of You
A still from episode 5 of Reflection Of You

The scene goes to a flashback where Hae-won receives an unknown call. From the other side, a voice was heard. It made Hae-won’s life freeze for a moment. The call was from Woo-Jae. After four years of wait, she got the call she always wanted. For the first time in the series, Hae-won displayed her proper emotions. It felt as if all of her piled-up emotions got released after that one call.

Meanwhile, Hee-joo keeps trying to know whether Woo-Jae has actually lost his memory or not. She offered him a lift on his way back home in the absence of Hee-Joo. While driving, she remembered those moments she had with him. In a serene valley in Ireland, she used to live with Woo-Jae. From the conversation in the series, it can even be said that Hee-Joo promised Woo-Jae that she would leave her husband and come to stay with him. However, the reality was different as she took Ho-su and left that place with all her belongings along with Woo-Jae’s passport. Maybe she did this so that her past couldn’t come to haunt her in the future.

Ending Of Episode 5 Of Reflection Of You

These four interconnected people finally meet face to face at the art exhibition. Hee-Joo’s husband was quite taken aback as he saw Woo-Jae. The accident which caused Woo-Jae a memory loss, Ahn Hyeon-Seong may have been responsible for it. He was present at the hospital where Woo-Jae was admitted.

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Reflection Of You Episode 6 Preview

Hae-won may have a different plan for Hee-Joo. She is certain that this time she will not let her guard down. Meanwhile, Hee-Joo is struggling to keep her past away; however, every time, it keeps coming in front of her. The upcoming episodes will be packed with emotions as the characters will finally face their demons.

Reflection Of You
Shin Hyun-been and Kim Jae-young in a still from the series

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