Redo of Healer Episode 12 Preview and Recap

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Redo of Healer

The Hero of Sword has managed to execute his plans. Keyaru manages to trick Blade, who is known for molesting every beautiful woman. Keyaru dresses like a beautiful lady, and Blade got attracted to him. Blade thought that Keyaru is a lady, but when she tries to rape him, she touches it and finds that he is a man. She asks Keyaru what this carrot is doing inside your underwear. Keyaru reveals that he is a man. The Hero Blade is shocked and loses the will to rape Keyaru. Redo of Healer episode finale below.

Blade only rapes women since she is a lesbian. After losing her powers, Keyaru stabs her, and she falls unconscious. Keyaru wants to make fake Heroes like Blade, Bullet Gun, Hawkeye, and Norn pay for messing with people’s life. Those Heroes toys with human life, and most of them brutally kill or molest humans in public. As the Hero of the sword, Keyaru wants to save humanity from those Heroes. The Hero Blade wakes up and realizes that she is still with Keyaru. He has taken her Rargnakor so that she won’t be able to fight back.

Previously on Redo of Healer Episode 11

Keyaru told Blade that he has a surprise game that he wants to play with her. He summons four powerful zombies that have powerful manhood. Keyaru reveals that the zombies are angry, and they also want a woman to satisfy their manhood. He told her that the game is to satisfy their hunger or lasts. If she can keep up with four zombies until sunset, they won’t eat her life will be spared.

One of the zombies tear her top, and their mouths started watering as they see her chest. Blade accepted Keyaru’s game, and she took off her clothes. All the zombies exchange Blade for the whole night, but she got tired, and she couldn’t breathe. Keyaru uses Heal so that she can keep up with the zombies. But their manhood was too powerful for Blade. Keyaru is impressed that she managed to keep up until now. But when the day is left with an hour for the sun to set, Blade collapses.

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Redo of Healer
Redo of Healer Episode Still

The Hero of Gun Bullet Gun

All the zombies’ tanks were emptied, but they recharge quickly to finish her. Keyaru notices that Blade had died before the zombies finished her. He heads away, smiling that she had paid for her sins for killing and raping innocent people. Keyaru realizes that his next target is the Hero of gun Bullet Gun. After Bullet Gun, he has to take down Norn, and he is worried that Hawkeye is stronger than him.

In the morning, Keyaru visited Karaman’s shop to collect his money. Karaman gave Keyaru his money and asks him to supply more portions. He told him that the potions are making a lot of profit. Keyaru reminds Karman that his dream has come true, and he has now opened a shop. Suddenly, Keyaru felt a powerful man behind him, and he finds that it is Hawkeye. Hawkeye started to talk about portions with Karman. But everything that he was saying, he was referring it to Keyaru.

He praised the portions and acted like he wanted to attack Keyaru. Keyaru jumps back and shows a stance of fighting. Hawkeye praises Keyaru that he has good timing. Keyaru notices that he doesn’t have to fight now or he will be finished. Hawkeye warns Keyaru not to mess with the Heroes, or he will pay with his life. He repurchases one portion and heads to his territory. Setsuna arrived and told Keyaru about Hawkeye’s strength. Keyaru replies that he is stronger in the bedroom.

The Hero of Recovery

Redo of Healer
Redo of Healer Episode 4 Still

They both head home, and Keyaru tries to find a way to beat Hawkeye. He realizes that after Blade dies, he has also gained her powers, but he has stored them inside a glass ball. Keyaru took that glass ball and summonsed the Hero of recovery. He told the Hero of recovery to grant his strength to defeat other Heroes. The Hero of Recovery asks Keyaru if he is ready to save the world. Keyaru replies yes and agrees that he will use the powers for good deeds.

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Keyaru receives Georgius on his right hand that grants him the powers of immortality. He smiles and heads said that he will save everyone and have fun with women as he pleases. He went to his hotties, and they do it for the whole night. Later, Norn heads out with Hawkeye to address the Kingdom of Branica. They didn’t get along with the citizens, and they started to kill them.

Norm told her warriors to kill all humans and demons. She wants to create a nation that doesn’t go against them. Meanwhile, Keyaru saw that Karman had been killed. He headed out and started killing all the warriors, and some head to Norn and report. They told Norn that the Hero of the sword is killing her warriors. Norn told them to capture Keyaru.

Redo of Healer Episode 12 Release Date

Redo Of Healer Episode 12 will be released on Wednesday, 30 March 2021, at 11:30 PM. You will be able to watch Redo of Healer on ANIPLUS and HIDIVE. Take a look at the updates and preview below.

Redo of Healer Episode 12 Preview

Read Redo of Healer Episode 11. That’s was what the Redo of Healer episode finale has to offer.

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