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Red Shoes Episode 74: Release Date, Cast & Plot

Red Shoes
Red Shoes

Red shoes is back with yet another episode. In this article, you will get to know about the 74th episode of the series Red Shoes and also will get a glimpse of the previous episode. Written by Hwang Soon-young, the South Korean series depicts the story of a daughter and her quest to take revenge against her own mother. Her mother left her and the entire family to feel love and gain happiness. Red shoes is about the vengeance of a daughter against her mother.

Many have questioned that why to name the drama shoes and what is the relevance behind it. To this, the writer of the series explained that the day when Kim Jem-ma’s mother was thrown out of the house, she was wearing those red shoes which were given to her by a man previously. The only possession of her that she left as a gift for her daughter was a red shoes accessorized necklace. According to the writer, if the red shoes are a symbol of the desire for the mother, the same red shoes become a symbol of revenge for the daughter.

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Red Shoes Kdrama Streaming Details

The kdrama is extremely popular and is one of the trending scenes. Naturally, people are eager to know where to find this drama. No worries, as this drama is officially available on Rakuten Viki. For the South Korean netizens, the drama is aired on KBS, which is a famous television network. People can watch it on 7:50 or 19:50 in KST or Korean Standard Time. You can avail this drama on five days a week, which is Monday to Friday. Now, for those living outside of South Korea, Rakuten Viki app is there to help you out. However, you need the Viki standard pass to watch the drama. There are various subscription plans available. Choose accordingly, and then you are on your way for the kdrama journey. Subtitles of various languages are available, so don’t worry if you are not familiar with anyone’s particular language.

Red Shoes

A still from the South Korean Series Red Shoes

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Red Shoes Episode 74 Korean Drama Release Date

The very much anticipated drama Red Shoes will be released on 2nd November. However, people may recognize this drama by another name as well, Without Blood Or Tears. Since the series releases five days a week, the question may arise about how to keep up with the drama. It will not be a problem as the drama has a duration of only 40 minutes. The drama goes through various twists and turns, which enables the viewer to stay glued to the screens.

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Red Shoes Korean Drama Plot

Kim Jem-ma wants to take revenge on her mother, Min Hee-kyeong. According to her, her mother left her at a young age and the entire family to pursue her own happiness and get the taste of success. Meanwhile, Kim Jem-ma’s father also left her, and now she wants to take revenge for her father’s death.

On the other hand, Yoon Gi-Seok is a person who forbids believing in love. However, he has his reasons. His wife betrayed him, and from then he does not believe in the concept of love. But when love happens, it just happens. Ironically he fell in love with none other than Kim Jem-ma.

Red Shoes

Red Shoes Series

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Red Shoes Kdrama Cast

So Yi-Hyun plays the role of Kim Jem-ma, a woman who wants to take down her mother. Though years have passed but she still instills hatred for her mother. So Yi-Hyun has enacted this character with finesse. Apart from this, she has been a part of The Sound Of Your Heart, Three days, The Restless, Heartstrings, Assorted Gems, and many other projects.

Choi Myung-Gil portrays the role of Min Hee-kyeong, Kim Jem-ma’s mother. She has her share of desires in her life. Tired of only being a mother, homemaker, and a wife, she wanted to make her own identity. Actress Choi Myung-Gil has also performed in Mysterious Personal Shopper, Gracious Revenge, Marry Him If You Dare, Entourage. These are some names among the many other projects that she has been part of. 

Park Yoon Jae plays the role of  Yoon Gi-Seok. He is the grandson of Choi Sook-Ja, representative of the fusion Korean restaurant. He stopped to believe in love as his wife betrayed him.

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