‘Red Shoes’ Episode 71: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

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Red Shoes Episode 71
Red Shoes cr: KBS2

Red Shoes Episode 71 will soon be making its way to our screens. Furthermore, as we edge towards the end of this spectacular revenge drama, things are getting messy. Kwon Hye Bin is on the verge of insanity, and Choi Sook Ja is not speaking to Kim Gem Ma. And Is Yoon Hyun Seok, who is Kwon Hye Bin’s fiance, getting married to Kim Gem Ma, who is Yoon Ki Seok’s fiance? Red Shoes is taking fans on a thrilling ride. Just this week, Kim Gem Ma made two appearances in front of the man who killed her father. First, she covered her identity with a mask. But for the second time, she showed up Kim Jin Ah, daughter of Kim Jung Guk. Kwon Hyuk Sang’s face when he got to know that the lady he considered his best employee, Kim Gem Ma, is Kim Jin Ah was laughable.

Kudos to Kim Gem Ma because not only did she bravely face Kwon Hyuk Sang. But also secretly called Kwon Hye Bin to prove to her how evil her father is. This unique story where a daughter hates her mother enough to kill her is written by Hwang Soon Young (Great First Wives, Two Mothers, and Ruby Ring). Additionally, Park Ki Hyun is in charge of the direction of this revenge drama. Moreover, the stars of Red Shoes are Choi Myung Gil (On The Verge Of Insanity) and So Yi Hyun (Secrets Of Women) , who play Min Hee Kyung and Kim Gem Ma, respectively. If you want to know more about Episode 71 of the awesome revenge drama Red Shoes, then keep on reading.

Red Shoes Episode 71 Release Date

Red Shoes Episode 71 will be released on 28th October. Also popular by its second name, Without Blood or Tears, this kdrama series is winning the race of daily dramas. Furthermore, episode after episode, fans have been amazed by this drama. This exciting episode will decide the fate of Kim Gem Ma’s life. Will she let go of the people she loves the most and learn to live happily without her revenge? Or will she become as big of a monster as Min Hee Kyung and Kwon Hyuk Sang? Furthermore, Red Shoes takes us through Kim Gem Ma’s journey to avenge her father’s death over a span of one hundred episodes.

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How to Watch Red Shoes Episode 71
Kim Gemma cr: KBS2

So far, we have seen her meet Yoon Ki Seok, who promised to make her forget her revenge. Also, we have seen her break Yoon Ki Soek’s heart by using his brother Yoon Hyun Seok for her revenge. Whether she chooses Yoon Ki Seok or Yoon Hyun Seok, fans are having a great time either way because both the characters love Kim Gem Ma. However, it will be interesting to see how Yoon Hyun Seok reacts when he finds out who Kim Gem Ma really is. You can find out the answer in Red Shoes Episode 71.

Watch Red Shoes Online – Streaming Details

With its soaring popularity, fans all over the world want to watch Red Shoes. Thankfully, it is available to watch on KBS2 and Rakuten Viki. Furthermore, KBS2 is a South Korean cable television network. So if you are anywhere in South Korea and have cable television, then you can watch the drama on television at 19:50 according to Korean Standard Time. Additionally, this drama is broadcast from Monday to Friday. As for the viewers who are located outsides of South Korea, this revenge kdrama series is also available on Rakuten Viki. All you need is a Viki Pass, and you can watch Red Shoes Episode 71 or any other exciting Red Shoes episode with subtitles in the language of your choice. So do not miss out!

Red Shoes Episode 71
Kim Jin Ah cr:KBS2

What to Expect From Red Shoes Episode 71?

After Kim Gem Ma involved Kwon Hye Bin in her revenge plan, the latter’s parents are furious. Kwon Hye Bin came back home and started smashing things and screaming. Upon seeing Kwon Hye Bin’s miserable condition, Kwon Hyuk Sang plans to punish Kim Gem Ma. Although fans find it very ironic how even though he is the one responsible for not just Kwon Hye Bin’s misery but also Kim Gem ma’s he has no remorse. Additionally, we are also wondering if Min Hee Kyung will help Kim Gem Ma. If this happens, Min Hee Kyung will be in danger. Kwon Hyuk Sang has been spying on her behavior after placing her dead son’s shoe necklace in front of her. Now that Kim Gem Ma knows that she has not just one but two enemies, things will get more interesting.

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Find out in Red Shoes Episode 71 what Kwon Hyuk Sang has planned.

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