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‘Red Shoes’ Episode 67: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

Red Shoes Episode 67
Red Shoes Episode 67

Red Shoes Episode 67 has fans excitedly waiting. Will So Tae Gil actually get killed? Will Kim Jin Ah’s identity finally be revealed? But most importantly, who is going to win the final battle in Red Shoes? These questions have been giving fans sleepless nights. Red Shoes is on a roll, and it gives audiences one shocking twist after another. First, we had to witness Kim Gem Ma mercilessly breaking Yoon Ki Seok’s heart. Adding to that, she also told him that it was his brother, Yoon Hyun Seok, that she loved from the very start. Fans had been excited for Yoon Ki Seok’s and Kim Gem Ma’s wedding from the start. But now, Kim Gem Ma has done a full u-turn. Fan’s heart is breaking for Yoon Ki Seok, who has been betrayed twice by now.

On the other hand, the shock and pain are insufferable for Kwon Hye Bin. She had lived her whole life getting what she wanted, but now she had lost everything. The audiences of Red Shoes are not getting a moment of peace. Kim Gem Ma always wanted to make Min Hee Kyung pay for her sins. But with so much at stake, will she be able to take her final revenge? Episode 67 of Red Shoes will answer all your burning questions, and we will give you all the information regarding this episode.

Red Shoes Episode 67 Release Date

Red Shoes Episode 67 will be released on the 22nd of October. Furthermore, fans will finally get to see Kim Gem Ma come face to face with her father’s killer on Friday. For those of you who are confused, Kim Jin Ah is the real name of our female lead. She changed her name to Kim Gem Ma so that she could enter Lora. So far, Kwon Hyuk Sang did not have a single clue that his favorite employee, Kim Gem Ma, was actually his enemy. He only fired Kim Gem Ma because Yoon Hyun Seok wanted to marry her instead of his daughter. However, he plans to get to know who Kim Jin Ah is with the help of So Tae Gil. Fans are cheering the writer, Hwang Soon Young, for writing such an intense revenge story between a mother and daughter.

How to Watch Red Shoes?

Red Shoes cr: KBS2

We have seen a lot of kdramas with heart-warming mother-daughter relationships, but Red Shoes brings a fresh concept to the table. Let us all hope that So Tae Gil will escape safely in Red Shoes Episode 67.

Where to Watch Red Shoes Ep 67?

Red Shoes is released officially on the South Korean cable television network, KBS2. So if you are based in South Korea, then you can easily watch Red Shoes at 19:50 according to Korean Standard Time on KBS2. Furthermore, fans are feeling bitter-sweet with Red Shoes coming close to its end. The revenge kdrama series has a total of one hundred episodes which will be broadcast till the 6th of December. Moreover, Red Shoes wraps funny moments, melodramatic scenes, and not to mention swoon-worthy romantic scenes between Kim Gem Ma and Yoon Ki Seok in a thirty-minute-long episode.

Red Shoes Episode 67 Release Date

Red Shoes cr: KBS2

This exciting plot will have you hooked every second of the episode. In the recent episodes, fans are applauding Yoon Ki Seok for trusting Kim Gem Ma even now. He did not start hating her just because of her hateful words and encouraged her to live a happy life. Furthermore, International fans of Red Shoes can stream it on Rakuten Viki. This show was released in fifteen different languages on Rakuten Viki, so now everyone can enjoy it.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Episodes?

The upcoming episodes of Red Shoes will surely have fans shocked. The date of Yoon Hyun Seok and Kim Gem Ma’s wedding is coming closer. However, Kwon Hye Bin is in absolute denial. She is getting ready to buy a wedding dress for herself. On the other hand, after Kim Gem Ma sent So Tae Gil’s recorded oath to Kwon Hyuk Sang. This has made Kwon Hyuk Sang curious about Kim Jin Ah. Little does he know that the Kim Gem Ma at his office is the victim’s daughter Kim Jin Ah.

Red Shoes Episode 67

Red Shoes

Furthermore, it seems that So Ok Kyung and other family members do not know what Kim Gem Ma is doing. They will be utterly shocked to find out that she is ruining the relationship between two brothers. Fans are wondering if Kim Gem Ma will also turn out to be a monster like Min Hee Kyung? Find out in Red Shoes Episode 67.

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