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Red Shoes Episode 61: Release Date, Where to Watch & Preview

Red Shoes Episode 62 Release Date
Red Shoes cr: KBS2

Red Shoes Episode 61 is about to release soon. What will Min-Hee Kyung do when Kwon Joo Young gets the company? Will Min-Hee Kyung ever get punished by the law? All these questions have been giving fans sleepless nights. For those of you who are not aware, Red Shoes is a South Korean cable television network drama. This drama is all-in-one as it is packed with revenge, romance, betrayal, come, and suspense. The intriguing storyline of Red Shoes will have you hooked every second of the show. The center of the story is Kim Gem Ma. When her mother abandoned their family to marry her rich ex-lover, her life completely shattered. Adding to the pain was the loss of her father in an accident the very same night. Feeling livid with anger and betrayal, Kim Gem Ma spends every second of her life plotting revenge on her selfish mother.

The show keeps getting more interesting every passing episode. It is now evident that abandoning her children for money was actually the least horrible crime that Min Hee Kyung has committed. So one can only imagine what she is capable of. Furthermore, the lead roles of Kim Gem Ma and Min-Hee Kyung are beautifully portrayed by So Yi Hyun and Choi Myung Gil. You have probably seen these beautiful talents in popular kramas such as On The Verge Of Insanity and Secrets Of Women.  You will be crying one moment and cheering for Kim Gem Ma the very next. In this article, we will be telling you all that you need to know about Red Shoes Episode 61. You can find everything from the release date of the episode to the recap over here.

Red Shoes Episode 61 Release Date

Red Shoes Episode 61 will be releasing on 14 October. Furthermore, the release date of this highly anticipated episode falls on a Thursday, so make sure to clear your schedule. Additionally, the previous episodes of Red Shoes have been so intense that fans have not gotten a moment of peace. However, in between all this intense drama, the creators have been blessing us with sweet Yoon Ki Seok and Kim Gem Ma moments. When Kim Gem Ma tried to break up with Yoon Ki Seok, saying that she was a bad woman, Yoon Ki Seok was quick to shut her down. He believes that his love for Kim Gem Ma will help her see the light. Let us hope this proves to be true in future episodes.

Red Shoes Episode 61

Kim Jin Ah cr:KBS2

Moreover, fans have been praising the amazing storyline of Red Shoes. Well, the man truly deserving of all this praise is the screenwriter Hwang Soon Young. Previously, Hwang Soon Young has written great dramas like Great First Wives and Ruby Ring. Furthermore, the director of Red Shoes is Park Ki Hyun, who directed the Sharp series. This proves the saying that behind every great drama is a talented cast and crew. So make sure you mark the Red Shoes Episode 61 Release Date on your calendars!

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Watch Red Shoes – Streaming Details

You can watch Red Shoes Episode 61 on Rakuten Viki and KBS2. Additionally, the original broadcasting network of this daily revenge drama is KBS2. It airs every day of the week except on the weekends. Furthermore, Red Shoes released its very first episode on 5 July and will continue to provide us with great content till 6 December. This drama airs during the 19:50 time slot according to the Korean Standard Time. Furthermore, Red Shoes packs revenge, romance, suspense, and crime all in a thirty minutes episode. Moreover, the main cast of the drama includes dazzling stars such as Park Yoon Jae, Jung Yoo Min, and Shin Jung Yoon. All these factors lead to Red Shoes being one of the most viewed daily dramas in Korea at the moment.

Red Shoes Episode 61

Min Hee Kyung cr: KBS2

Furthermore, if you are located outside of South Korea or missed the episode on television, have no worries. Rakuten Viki releases the latest episodes of Red Shoes with subtitles in various languages soon after they are aired on television. Now you can easily watch Red Shoes no matter where you are.

What Went On In The Previous Episodes?

The previous episodes of Red Shoes were packed with intense drama. Firstly, now that Kwon Hyuk Sang is aware of Min Hee Kyung’s intentions to take over the company, he is bringing his son back. Upon his son’s return, Kwon Hyuk Sang plans to give him the company and shares. On the other hand, Kim Gem Ma meets Detective Oh again. The detective tells her that Kwon Hyuk Sang and Min Hee Kyung cannot be put in jail for her father’s accident due to the statute of limitations being expired. However, Min Hee Kyung and Kwon Hyuk Sang have been involved in various other crimes that can be brought to light.

Red Shoes Episode 61 Recap

Kim Gemma cr: KBS2

This gives Kim Gem Ma an inkling of hope. Although she believes in Detective Oh, Kim Gem Ma has hired a hitman to scare Min Hee Kyung and Kwon Hyuk Sang. More importantly, it seems that Min Hee Kyung has also killed her mother-in-law. And this crime of hers can be proved with her mother-in-law’s diary, which is currently missing. Keep on watching Red Shoes to see this mystery unravel.

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