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Spoilers & Preview: Red Shoes Episode 6

Red Shoes Episode 15
Red Shoes cr: KBS2

Episode 6 of Red Shoes will be releasing soon, and fans couldn’t be more excited. Red Shoes is a new South Korean television drama that fans can expect a lot from. Furthermore, the show is a story that revolves around revenge, family complications, betrayal, and love. The name of the show, i.e., ”red shoes”, symbolizes a desire for one and revenge for another. This show comes under the melodrama and revenge under KBS2. Moreover, this show is written by Hwang Soon Young, who had earlier written amazing dramas like Great First Wives, Two Mothers, Ruby Ring, and TV Novel: Sun Ok. The director of the show is Park Gi Hyeon, who has amazing skills has directed dramas Unasked Family and the three seasons of the drama Sharp.

As the show is going to involve a lot of emotions, the cast has to be strong. Furthermore, the main actors of the drama are Choi Myung Gil, So Yi Hyun, Park Yoon Jae, Shin Jung Yoon, and Jung Yoo Min. The show was first aired on July 5 in 2021, on KBS2. A very special fact about this drama is that it has 100 episodes, with each episode having a run time of thirty minutes. Moreover, this show will air all the way till November of 2021. This is a great drama if you hate how quickly all the fantastic Korean dramas end. You may have seen many adorable Korean drama mother-daughter duos, but this drama brings a new dish to the plate. It focuses on the hateful relationship between a mother and daughter.

In this article, we will fill you up on all the details about ”Red Shoes” and will also tell you about the release date of Red Shoes Episode 6. You could also keep reading for spoilers.

Red Shoes Episode 6 Release Date

Red Shoes Episode 6 is set to be released on 12th July 2021, on Rakuten Viki. You can promise the drama to be amazing when two writers like Hwang Soon Young and Park Ki Hyun. Hwang Soon Young will be making a comeback after seven years and has told the audience to pay attention to every little detail. So, fans are super excited to see what their collaboration might lead to. Combined with the acting of the cast and the revengeful plot of the drama you could expect to be thrilled by this drama. Plus there is a lot more to like about this drama. The more the past and personality of the characters keep getting revealed the more exciting the drama will become. Also, the show will emphasize the revengeful and desire-filled nature of human beings. And it will show what happens when good meets evil.

Red Shoes Episode 6

The cast and director of the drama cr: KBS2

The drama has a great side to it. Busy people could watch its episodes as they are only 30 minutes. It is quite fun when the drama you watch releases its new episodes quite frequently. This is the same case for the viewers of Red Shoes. The series releases new episodes every day of the week. The days that it airs its new episodes are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Thus, the viewers have to wait for only two days for a new episode.

What To Expect From The Episode?

We could expect a lot of tension to rise between the mother and daughter duo. The preview has shown that Gemma’s design was stolen by none other than the CEO of Lora. Gemma was totally surprised when she found out that their mother is actually the one who has stolen the exact copy of the casual shoes that she had designed. Also, she seems to be having a hard time when Jin Ho was told to be in a critical state.

Red Shoes Epsiode 6

Gemma cr: KBS2

Fuelled by her worries and then being stolen the opportunity to shine, Gemma seems to be having quite a bad day. We are quite interested to see what the strong character Gemma will decide to do. And we will also be left with a question: Does Gemma’s mother have a little ounce of regret, or is she completely heartless?

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