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Red Shoes Episode 55: Release Date, Where to Watch & Recap

Red Shoes Episode 55
Min Hee Kyung cr: KBS2

Red Shoes Episode 55 will soon make its way to our screens. This exciting episode will finally show what Kim Gem Ma has planned for Min Hee Kyung and Kwon Hyuk Sang. For those of you who are not aware of what the buzz in town is around, Red Shoes is a South Korean cable television revenge drama. Furthermore, this drama is a treat for fans of all genres as it consists of an intense revenge storyline, swoon-worthy romance, and heartbreaking betrayals. The story revolves around Kim Gem Ma’s. Her selfish mother, Min Hee Kyung, abandoned their entire family to run off to live in luxury. Poor little Kim Gem Ma had to defend herself and her sick younger brother. Betrayed and angry at her mother, Kim Gem Ma decides that she ruin Min Hee Kyung at all costs.

This drama is directed by the talented director Park Ki Hyun. Furthermore, the amazing storyline that fans have been raving about is all thanks to the genius of Hwang Soon Young. Previously, he has written amazing dramas like Two Mother and Ruby Ring. The lead roles of Min Hee Kyung and Kim Gem Ma are played by Choi Myung Gil and So Yi Hyun. Fans love watching the intriguing push and pull between Min Hee Kyung and Kim Gem Ma. Whatever nasty trick Min Hee Kyung pulls, Kim Gem Ma always makes sure to clap back. In this article, we will tell you all that you need to know about Red Shoes Episode 55. Everything from the release date, where to watch, and recap are covered here.

Red Shoes Episode 55 Release Date

Red Shoes Episode 55 release date is 6 October. Furthermore, the release date of this highly awaited episode of Red Shoes falls on a Wednesday. As we move towards the second half of this drama, things are moving fast, and fans are enjoying every minute of it. With Kim Gem Ma discovering more and more secrets of her father’s death, all her enemies are shaking. Mostly the question that fans have is ”How is Kim Gem Ma going to make the killers pay?”. Furthermore, now that Kim Gem Ma is staying at Choi Sook Ja’s house, fans are being blessed with more Yoon Ki Seok and Kim Gem Ma moments. Although, of course, she has to bear with Kwon Hye Bin’s annoying insults.

Red Shoes Episode 55 Release Date

Min Hee Kyung cr: KBS2

Fans love the cast of Red Shoes and how they bring their characters to life. The main cast of Red Shoes includes Park Yoon Jae, Jung Yoo Min, and the charming Shin Jung Yoon. If you want to see more sweet moments between Kim Gem Ma and Yoon Ki Seok, then do not miss the Red Shoes Episode 55 release date.

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Where to Watch Red Shoes Episode 55?

You can watch Red Shoes Episode 55 at KBS2 or Rakuten Viki. Additionally, the original broadcasting of this awesome revenge drama is KBS2. Red Shoes has replaced the previously airing show ”Miss Monte Cristo” on KBS2. It airs at the 19:50 time slot according to Korean Standard Time which is 5:50 according to Central Daylight Time. Moreover, Red Shoes airs every day of the week except on the weekends. Thanks to its amazing storyline, this show has gained a massive amount of viewers. It has also been ranking at the top of the most-watched daily drama list. Furthermore, each revenge-filled episode of Red Shoes is about thirty minutes long. This means you can watch it on your short breaks. In case you missed an episode on television or are an International viewer, you can watch the show on Rakuten Viki. Rakuten Viki releases the latest episodes of Red Shoes right after they are aired and also provides subtitles in various languages.

Where to Watch Red Shoes Episode 55

Red Shoes: KBS2

What Went Down In The Previous Episodes?

Red Shoes has been fast in delivering to fans what they want. The previous episodes focused on the truth behind Kim Jung Guk’s death. As usual, Min Hee Kyung tries to trick Kim Gem Ma with her tears. She is trying to make her believe that she did not know the victim was her father, but Kim Gem Ma does not fall for any of it. Furthermore, she invites both Kwon Hyuk Sang and Min Hee Kyung to a dinner. Her plan is to expose Min Hee Kyung’s past to Kwon Hyuk Sang. Unfortunately, Min Hee Kyung catches up and threatens to expose Kim Gem Ma’s identity to Choi Sook Ja. Fans cannot wait to see how Kim Gem Ma will punish the killers of her father. Keep watching Red Shoes for exciting episodes!

Red Shoes Episode 55 Recap

Gemma cr: KBS2

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