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‘Red Shoes’ Episode 54: Release Date, Where to Watch & Preview

Red Shoes Episode 62 Release Date
Red Shoes cr: KBS2

Last Updated on October 2, 2021 by OtakuKart Staff

Red Shoes Episode 54 will soon be gracing us with its intense plot twist and drama. Now that Kim Gem Ma finally knows who killed her dad, fans are excited to know what she will do. With secrets being revealed right and left in Red Shoes, fans can’t hold in their excitement. For those of you who do not know what all the hype is about, Red Shoes is a South Korean cable television drama. It has a mind-blowing revenge plot with a sprinkle of romance and betrayal. Furthermore, Red Shoes revolves around Kim Gem Ma. When Kim Gem Ma’s mother abandoned her entire family to run away with her first love, she was heartbroken. Adding to her pain, Kim Gem Ma also lost her father on the same night that her mother left.

Kim Gem Ma swore to get revenge on her selfish mother, who betrayed and broke her family. Unsurprisingly, Red Shoes also has a spectacularly talented cast and crew. The kudos for the amazing direction of the drama go to Director Park Ki Hyun. He has previously directed great dramas like Unasked Family and the Sharp series. Furthermore, we owe the mind-grabbing storyline of this drama to the writer Hwang Soon Young. Previously, Hwang Soon Young has graced with popular kdramas like Great First Wives, Two Mothers, and Ruby Ring. Furthermore, the cast of this revenge drama has won the hearts of viewers. The main cast is headed by Choi Myung Gil from On The Verge Of Insanity and So Yi Hyun from Secrets Of Women.

In this article, we will tell you all that you need to know about Red Shoes Episode 54. Everything from the release date to what went down will be covered here.

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Red Shoes Episode 54 Release Date

Red Shoes Episode 54 is releasing on 5 October. Furthermore, the release date of this highly awaited episode falls on a Tuesday, so make sure to clear your schedule. The truth has finally come to light, and fans are beyond excited. Furthermore, Red Shoes premiered on 5 July. It is amazing to see how far the story has come. Fans are super excited to see what Red Shoes Episode 54 has in store for them. The good news is that Red Shoes will be at our service to provide entertainment till 6 December. So you do not have to worry about finding a good drama to watch any time soon. Fans get to watch talented and beautiful actors like Park Yoon Jae, Jung Yoo Min, and Shin Jung Yoon each day of the week except on the weekends. Not only is the storyline wonderful, but the cast is super convincing in their roles. Choi Myung Gil as Min-Hee Kyung, aka the evil mother, will make you grit your teeth with anger. Whereas So Yi Hyun, who plays Kim Gem Ma, will make your heart out. So do not miss out on any episodes of Red Shoes!

Where to Watch Red Shoes Episode 54

Red Shoes cr: KBS2

Where to Watch Red Shoes Episode 54?

You can watch Red Shoes Episode 54 on KBS2 or Rakuten Viki. If you are based in Korea, then you can tune in on KBS2 at 19:50 according to Korean Standard Time. Additionally, this show has replaced the previously airing popular show, Miss Monte Cristo. Red Shoes has been at the top of the highest-rated daily dramas chart for a few weeks now. This show has all the perfect components that put it on the top. It has intense drama, sugar-sweet romance, and heartbreaking betrayals. For International viewers who want to watch this drama, Rakuten Viki has got your back. The latest episodes are released on Rakuten Viki soon after they are aired on television. The icing on the cake is that Rakuten Viki also provides subtitles in various languages along with the latest episodes.

Red Shoes Episode 54

Min-Hee Kyung cr: KBS2

What Went Down In The Previous Episodes?

Previously on Red Shoes, Kim Gem Ma discovers that both Kwon Hyuk Sang and Min-Hee Kyung were involved in her father’s accident. But what hurt her more was that So Tae Gil and So Ok Kyung, the two people who she thought were her family, betrayed her trust. They witnessed the accident but kept their mouth shut after receiving huge sums of money. Although So Ok Kyung needed the money for Gunwook’s surgery, she should not have kept Gem Ma in the dark for so long. Furthermore, Kim Gem Ma leaves the house and walks aimlessly on the street while crying.

She confesses to her friend, Yoo Kyung, that she does not know who to trust anymore. She said that she couldn’t forgive her family, at least for now. At the office, she sends a package with Kim Jeong Guk’s bloody clothes to Min Hee Kyung. She blames Min-Hee Kyung for her father’s death. But the most shocking part was when Min Hee Kyung begged for forgiveness from Kim Gem Ma. It will be super exciting to see how Kim Gem Ma will get her revenge now that she knows her enemies.  Do not miss out on Red Shoes.

Red Shoes Episode 54 Recap

Red Shoes cr: KBS2

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