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Red Shoes Episode 50: Release Date, Recap & Preview

Red Shoes Episode 50
Red Shoes cr: KBS2

Red Shoes Episode 50 is about to release soon. Furthermore, this episode has fans buzzing with excitement. Will the truth about Kim Jung Guk’s death be revealed? Fans cannot keep this question out of their minds. For those of you who do not know about this masterpiece, Red Shoes is a South Korean cable television drama. Moreover, this drama is made up of all the good stuff like revenge, melodrama, romance, betrayal, and slice of life. Red Shoes is one of the most highly rated daily dramas at the moment because of its amazing storyline . This show is about the tragic story of Kim Gem Ma. Her selfish mother left their family which included Kim Gem Ma, Kim Jun Guk, and the ailing Kim Jin Ho.

She ran away with her ex-lover to fulfill her greedy desires. Unfortunately for Kim Gem Ma, her father also dies on the same night that her mother left. Ever since that unfortunate night, Kim Gem Ma swore to get revenge on her evil mother.The writer of this drama is Hwang Soon Young. Previously, he has written great dramas like Two Mothers, Great First Wives, and Ruby Ring. Additionally, the director is Park Ki Hyun. His best works include Unasked Family and the Sharp series. Although, the icing on the cake is most definitely the talented cast of this drama. Choi Myung Gil  plays Min Hee Kyung and So Yi Hyun as Kim Gem Ma head the main cast.

In this article we will be telling you all that you need to know about Red Shoes Episode 50. From the release date to the recap, we have got it all covered.

Red Shoes Episode 50 Release Date

Red Shoes Episode 50 release date is September 29. The release date falls on a Monday. Furthermore, fans are shocked to know that not only does Min Hee Kyung know the secret of Kim Jung Guk’s death. But she was also sitting in the car that hit him. We are really excited to see Kim Gem Ma find out the truth. Although Kwon Hyuk Sang is trying his best to halt the investigation, there is always a loophole. Furthermore, Red Shoes consists of a total of one hundred episodes. Almost all of these episodes have a run time of thirty minutes. This is a very good news for students, employees, and basically busy people as it does not take up much time. With the release of its 50th episode, Red Shoes will be halfway through its journey.

Red Shoes Episode 50

Red Shoes cr: KBS2

Moreover, Red Shoes first premiered on the 5th of July and is scheduled to air till December of this year. As this revenge drama is a daily show, it entertains fans each day of the week except on Saturdays and Sundays. The reason behind the popularity of the show comes from the block buster main cast. Apart from Choi Myung Gil and So Yi Hyun, the main cast also includes Park Yoon Jae, Jung Yoo Min, and Shin Jung Yoon. You can catch all these beautiful faces on KBS2, where the episodes are aired regularly. Furthermore, Red Shoes is aired at 19:50 according to Korean Standard Time which is 5:50 AM in Centaral Timing. In case you missed it on television or are an International viewer, Rakuten Viki has got your back. New episodes are released soon after they are aired along with subtitles in various languages on Viki.

What Went Down In The Previous Episodes?

The previous episodes have made fans feel a lot of emotions. Even after finding out that Yoon Ki Seok is not the father of the child, Choi Sook Ja forces Kim Gem Ma to break up. Even though it breaks her heart, Kim Gem Ma decides to break up with Yoon Ki Seok for Choi Sook Ja’s sake. On the other hand, So Tae Gil keeps running into trouble in the shape of Kwon Hyuk Sang and Min Hee Kyung. Although he is refusing the money to hide evidence, he will be in deep trouble when Kim Gem Ma finds out. It will be very interesting to see how Yoon Ki Seok will convince Kim Gem ma to have faith in him again. Make sure you do not miss out on any new exciting episodes of Red Shoes.

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