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Red Shoes Episode 45: Release Date And Preview

Red Shoes Episode 63
Red Shoes cr: KBS2

Red Shoes Episode 45 is going to be released soon and fans couldn’t be more excited. For those of you who do not know about this popular daily drama, Red Shoes is an ongoing South Korean daily TV series. The drama also goes by the name Without Blood Or Tears. Furthermore, Red Shoes has made a permanent place for itself on the most watched daily dramas list. Red Shoes is cooked up with all the perfect ingredients, from an intriguing story line to a star studded cast. This drama is about a girl named Kim Gem Ma, whose mother abandons their entire family and runs off. Furthermore, the very night that her mother leaves, Kim Gem Ma looses her dad in a hit and run case. Orphaned Kim Gem Ma is left alone to defend herself and her sick brother against the cruel world.

She grows up with the fire of revenge burning within her. Furthermore, this drama is made up of an amazing cast and crew. The director of this drama is the very skilled Park Ki Hyun. Previously, he has directed amazing shows like the Sharp series and Unasked family. Moreover, the screenwriter behind the amazing story of Red Shoes is Hwang Soon Young. His previous works include highly-rated dramas like Great First Wives, Two Mothers, and Ruby Ring. Most importantly, this drama has a star-studded cast. Choi Myung Gil from the drama On The Verge Of Insanity and So Yi Hyun from I Hear Your Voice play the main roles. Other members of the main cast include the talented Park Yoon Jae, Jung Yoo Min, and Shin Jung Yoon. In this article, we will be providing you with all the details of Red Shoes Episode 45.

Red Shoes Episode 45 Release Date

The release date of Red Shoes Episode 45 is September, which is on Monday. The episodes of the drama are available on Rakuten Viki with a standard subscription. The drama has been gaining popularity since the release of its first episodes on July 5. Since then the drama has talked about what both Min Hee Kyung and Kim Gem Ma had gone through. Although Min Hee Kyung was initially a good person her personality changed because of her greed.

Red Shoes Episode 45

Kim Gem Ma and Min Hee Kyung cr: KBS2

While Kim Gem Ma was left alone crying over the death of her father and brother. Through thees episodes the audience also gets their daily does of cute interactions between Kim Gem Ma and Yoon Ki Seok. The audience is curious about how the drama will end and what is in store for the characters.  The drama, according to broadcasting channel KBS2, is to finish off with 100 episodes by December 6 this year.

What Went Down In The Previous Episodes?

Fasten your seat belts because Red Shoes has been on a roll. The previous epsiodes of Red Shoes were jam packed with so many twists that fans are finding it hard to keep up. Finally, Kwon Hyuk Sang got to know about the deal Min Hee Kyung had made with Assemblyman Sohn, to throw him out. This made Kwon Hyuk Sang very angry and he decides to throw Min Hee Kyung out of the company. But things do not go as planned, and Min Hee Kyung stays at the company. Furthermore, she meets up with Assemblyman Sohn again and gets to know about the bribe Kwon Hyuk Sang gave him. It seems like Min Hee Kyung will expose all of Kwon Hyuk Sang’s mistakes to the public. On the other hand, Kim Gem Ma is going through a hard time.

Red Shoes Episode 45

Min Hee Kyung cr: KBS2

Ever since Min Hee Kyung showed Choi Sook Ja the manipulated recording, Choi Sook Ja starts hating Kim Gem Ma. However, Kim Gem Ma remains persistent and keeps begging for forgiveness. None of us ever expected Yoon Ki Seok’s ex-wife to come back. But all the fans of Red Shoes were left shook when Yoon Ki Seok’s ex-wife comes back in episode 42. Although we all know, that this can only be Min Hee Kyung’s doing to take Kim Gem Ma down. To enjoy more of these twists and turns, do not forget to watch Red Shoes.

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