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Red Shoes Episode 44: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

Red Shoes Episode 43
Red Shoes Episode 43

Red Shoes Episode 44 is about to release soon. Furthermore, Red shoe fans are going crazy while waiting for this episode to release. How will Kim Gem Ma win Choi Sook Ja back? Will Kwon Hye Bin have a change of heart? The coming episode of Red Shoes will answer all of these burning questions. If you are wondering what Red Shoes is, it is a South Korean cable television drama. This drama has been ranking at the top of most-watched daily drama for multiple weeks now. Furthermore, from romance to intense revenge, this drama has it all. It is the story of Kim Gem Ma, whose selfish mother left her family because of her greed for fame and money. On the same night that her mother left, her father passed away due to a hit-and-run case. Kim Gem Ma grows up with the aim of taking down her mother.

This drama is made up of all the perfect components. Both the cast and crew of Red Shoes are spectacularly talented and are well known. Furthermore, this drama is written by the popular Korean screenwriter Hwang Soon Young. He has written amazing dramas like Ruby Ring, Two Mothers, and Great First Wives. Adding to that, the director of this show, Park Ki Hyun, is also super talented. Previously, he has directed kdramas like Unasked Family and the Sharp series.

In this article, we will be telling you all that you need to know about the upcoming Red Shoes Episode 44. Everything from the release date of this episode to what to expect will be here.

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Red Shoes Episode 44 Release Date

Red Shoes Episode 44 release date is September 17, 2021. Furthermore, the release date of this much-awaited episode will fall on a Friday, so clear your schedule. Red Shoes keeps getting more and more intense each passing episode. Not only is Yoon Ki Seok and Kim Gem Ma’s relationship in trouble, but Min-Hee Kyung and Kwon Hyuk Sang are also fighting. With such an interesting storyline, fans cannot spare to look away from the screen for even a second. Moreover, Min-Hee Kyung’s daughter, Kwon Hye Bin, also seems to take after her considering how good she is at planning evil schemes. While Kwon Hye Bin and Min-Hee Kyung have joined hands, Kim Gem Ma stands alone. Although fans believe that Kim Gem Ma is not only strong but also smart, it seems that Min Hee Kyung dug a deep hole this time.

Red Shoes

Red Shoes

Furthermore, Red Shoes consists of a total of one hundred episodes. Each and every episode is super exciting and leaves you wanting more. Moreover, the approximate run time for all Red Shoes episodes is thirty minutes, which is perfect for those who are busy. The drama first started airing at the beginning of July, but the hype for it started long back. Even before its release, Red Shoes gained a lot of fans because of its case. The ongoing revenge drama has an amazing cast that has all the fans in awe. Furthermore, Choi Myung Gil, who plays Min-Hee Kyung, perfectly acts like a selfish mother who only cares about money. So Yi Hyun, who plays Kim Gem Ma, portraits all the emotions of a heartbroken daughter who desires revenge perfectly.

Not to mention, the handsome Park Yoon Jae and Shin Jung Yoon, who play Yoon Ki Seok and Yoon Hyun Seok respectively, are great male leads. With all of these amazing factors, it is impossible to not watch Red Shoes.

Red Shoes Episode 44

Min Hee Kyung and Kim Jin Ah cr: KBS2

What To Expect From The Upcoming Episodes?

The upcoming episodes of Red Shoes will have a lot of drama. Furthermore, since Choi Sook Ja is refusing to let Kim Gem Ma marry Yoon Ki Seok. She thinks Kim Gem Ma is money hungry and will leave Yoon Ki Seok heartbroken like his ex-wife. More importantly, fans want to know when Choi Sook Ja is going to find out that her lost son is Kim Gem Ma’ dead. Although fans hate Min Hee Kyung, they want Kwon Hyuk Sang to be punished for his actions. Now that they are in a fierce battle of obtaining ownership of the company let us see who wins. Do not miss out on this exciting revenge drama.

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