Red Shoes Episode 37: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

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Red Shoes Episode 55 Recap
Gemma cr: KBS2

Red Shoes Episode 37  is about to be released soon. Fans are super excited for the release of this episode. For those of you who do not know Red Shoes is a South Korean cable television network drama. Furthermore, this drama is also known as Without Blood or Tears. Red Shoes is a revenge drama. It has thousands of viewers intrigued by its intense plot. Moreover, Red Shoes has continued to be on the top in the most viewed daily drama rankings. This drama is loved by fans for its unique storyline. It tells us the story of Kim Gem Ma who has pledged to get revenge on her selfish mother. Min-Hee Kyung,  Kim Gem Ma’s mother left her, her ailing brother, and her father to run off with her first love.

As the story unfolds we see the different plans that Kim Gem Ma uses to bring Min-Hee Kyung down. This awesome drama is written by the talented writer Hwang Soon Young. Previous dramas written by Hwang Soon Young are Great First Wives, Two Mothers, and Ruby Ring.  This drama series is directed by Park Ki Hyun who is the mastermind behind great dramas like Unasked Family. The cast of this drama is full of well-known stars. Choi Myung Gil and So Yi Hyun lead the main cast of this drama as the evil mother and the betrayed daughter respectively. Park Yoon Jae, Jung Yoo Min, Shin Jung Yoon, and Sun Woo Jae Duk. In this article, we will be giving you all the details that you need to know about Red Shoes Episode 37.

Red Shoes Episode 37 Release Date

Red Shoes Episode 37 release date is September 8. Furthermore, this upcoming episode will be released on Wednesday. Fans are super excited for the release of this episode. Each episode of Red Shoes presents to us a new plot twist and the previous one has been no exception. Furthermore Red Shoes consists of a total of 100 episodes. This drama is a blessing for all kdrama fans who were upset about their favourite kdramas ending too early. Moreover each episode of this drama is just about thirty minutes long. This is great for office workers, students, and people who do not have much time. Fans are greatly applauding the actors of this drama for their amazing performances.

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Red Shoes Episode 37
Red Shoes cr: KBS2

Furthermore, Red Shoes releases exciting new episodes every day of the week except on the weekends. The original broadcasting network for the revenge drama Red Shoes is KBS2. Furthermore, the amazing production of this drama all thanks to the company OH Story. This drama has occupied the 19:50 time slot on KBS2 according to Korean Standard Time. This time slot was earlier occupied by the highly rated show ” Miss Monte Cristo”. Furthermore, Red Shoes premiered its very first episode on the 5th of July. This series plans to air its episodes tilll the 6th of December. If you are an International viewer and are keen on watching this revenge drama, then you can watch it on Rakuten Viki. The latest episodes are released on Rakuten Viki with subtitles in various languages  soon after their release.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Episodes?

The upcoming episodes will determine the fate of Kim Gem Ma’s life. After a lot of hard work, Kim Gem Ma made a name for herself in the office. But all that came crashing down when she made a mistake that caused the company a huge loss.Furthermore, when Min Hee Kyung hears that Kim Gem Ma is in trouble, she tries her best to get her fired. Kwon Hyuk Sang, who was earlier fond of Kim Gem Ma and recognized her potential told her to leave the company. Although Kim Gem Ma and Kwon Hye Bin were both responsible for the project, it was Kim Gem Ma that took the fall. Unless there is conclusive evidence that the mistake was not Kim Gem Ma’s but Kwon Hye Bin’s, Kim Gem Ma is fired.

Red Shoes Episode 37
Min Hee Kyung and Kim Jin Ah cr: KBS2

In the upcoming episodes, fans really hope that Kim Gem Ma is able to find evidence that proves her innocence. Just when it seemed like Kim Gem Ma is winning, Red Shoes gave us a plot twist. Make sure you tune in to watch Red Shoes on KBS2 or Rakuten Viki.

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