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Preview & Recap: Red Shoes Episode 23

Red Shoes Episode 43
Red Shoes Episode 43

Red Shoes Episode 23 is going to air pretty soon. Red Shoes is an ongoing South Korean TV series. Moreover, the series is based on a daughter’s revenge on her power-hungry mother. The daughter’s name is Kim Jin Ah, and the mother’s name is Min-Hee Kyung. Min-Hee Kyung had left behind her daughter, son, and husband. At first, her circumstances could be understood as she just wanted to leave her abusive husband and poverty. But now, when she is a successful CEO, she commits countless crimes and has no remorse over them. All in all, Min-Hee Kyung is a very bad person.

Along with its enthralling plot, the drama consists of a talented and amazing cast. The cast consists of Choi Myun Gil, So Yi Hyun, Jung Yoo Min, and Shin Jung Yoon. The cast’s acting has been flawless in each of the episodes of the drama. Not to mention the characters of the drama are very interesting. Hats off to the writer Park Ki Hyun. In this article, we will be talking about the release date of Red Shoes Episode 22. We will also be discussing what the upcoming episodes of the drama have in store for us.

Red Shoes Episode 23 Release Date

Red Shoes Episode 23 will release on 19th August 2021. The international fans of the drama can watch the episode on Rakuten Viki. The drama had started to resume its episodes after stopping for two weeks due to the Tokyo Olympics. Each of the episodes of the drama talks more about the bad deeds done by Min Hee Kyung and a look into how Kim Jin Ah will take revenge on her. Also, the drama is not only full of revenge and secrets. It also has a good mixture of fun-filled scenes and light-hearted romance. All in all, the drama is very interesting to watch. The interest level of the audience increases due to the amazing acting of the cast.

Red Shoes Episode 23

Min Hee Kyung and Kim Jin Ah cr: KBS2

Furthermore, the drama is going to have 100 episodes which are common for daily dramas. The drama airs every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Basically, the audience can watch new episodes of the drama almost every day. Moreover, the drama had got popularity from the begging when it started to air its episodes on the 5th of July. The drama is supposed to release all of its episodes by the 6th of December.

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What To Expect From The Upcoming Episodes?

It seemed till now that Kim Jin Ah well is successful in taking revenge on her demonish mother. But things did not go her way. Mih Hee Kyung had finally found Kim Jinah’s weakness which was her stepmother Choi Sook Jaa. Kim Jin Ah cares for Choi Sook Ja a lot as Sook Ja had raised her lovingly, which made Jin Ah cherish her very much. It seems like Min-Hee Kyung will realize that and will threaten that Kim Jin Ah that if Kim Jin Ah hands in the evidence to her, then she will hurt her beloved Choi Sook Ja.

Red Shoes Episode 23

Kim Jin Ah cr:KBS2

All of this has left the fans wondering what will happen next? What decision will Kim Jin Ah make? Maybe she might save Choi Sook Ja without giving the real evidence to Min Hee Kyung. But it seems more likely that Kim Jin Ah will hand in the recording and the proof she has collected so far to save Chi Sook Ja. If she does so, Kim Jin Ah will feel sad as taking revenge on her cruel mother had been everything to her.

We know that Kim Jin Ah was enjoying taking revenge a lot, but it seems that her happiness doesn’t last long. But the audience does hope that Kim Jin Ah does something quickly to save the caring Choi Sook Ja because, as we all know, Min-Hee Kyung is a demon in the form of a human. And we are here to see where the plot of the dream will take the audience to?

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