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Preview & Recap: Red Shoes Episode 11

Red Shoes Episode 20
Red Shoes cr: Viki

Red Shoes Episode 11 release date is coming soon. Furthermore, the show has been releasing new episodes every single weekday. Moreover, fans are excited because unlike other kdramas, they don’t have to wait a week for the next episode to air in the case of Red Shoes. The show has been serving as a comfort blanket to its fans. Furthermore, Red Shoes is known as 빨강 구두 in Korean. You may know this drama its other name which is Without Blood or Tears. Red Shoes has all viewers hooked on to its amazing plot.

The amazing daily drama is truly a gift to fans as it will consist of 100 episodes. Moreover, Red Shoes is a revenge and family drama. Not only does it have an amazing plot, but the actors that play the complex characters are also phenomenal. The plot of this drama follows Kim Jem Ma as she goes on a journey to get revenge on her heartless mother. After her mother chooses luxury over their family, Kim Jem Ma and her younger brother’s lives are ruined beyond repair. If you are a fan of this drama and would like to know the episode 11 release date and spoiler, we have got your back.

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Red Shoes Episode 11 Release Date

Red Shoes Episode 11 Release Date is on 19th of July. Furthermore, this show is a KBS2 exclusive drama. Fans cannot wait for Red Shoes Episode 11 release date as it will answer the cliffhanger of the previous episode. Moreover, it is such a delight to watch the performance of so many talented actors together on one screen. This show is written by the talented writer Hwang Soon Young. Hwang Soon Young’s previous masterpieces include Great First Wives and Two Mothers. Meanwhile, the main cast is headed by Choi Myung Gil and So Yi Hyun.

Red Shoes Episode 11

Gemma cr: KBS2

Both the main characters are females and deliver praise-worthy performances. This is the legendary Choi Myung Gil’s return to the silver screen after the successful Mother Of Mine and Gracious Revenge. Meanwhile, So Yi Hyun will be returning after two years since her last performance in the 2018 show Fates and Furies. Both the actresses will make you cry and laugh in this drama. The other members of the cast include Park Yoon Jae, Shin Jung Yoon, and the very talented Jung Yoo Min.

Red Shoes is broadcasted at 7: 50 PM according to Korean Standard Time which is 5:50 AM in Central Timing. Unlike other Korean dramas, this drama will stay with you for a long time as it has 100 episodes. Red Shoes is aired every single weekday except on the weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday. For international viewers, this drama is available to stream on Rakuten Viki and OnDemandKorea. Furthermore, Red Shoes is available to watch with subtitles in various languages on these platforms. The episodes are released here soon after they are broadcasted on KBS2.

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Red Shoes: Characters and Cast

As stated earlier, the plot of this drama follows Kim Jem Ma as she plans to take down her mother. Kim Jem Ma’s mother left her and her ailing younger brother and ran away with her first love. Furthermore, the same night that Kim Jem Ma’s mother, Min-Hee Kyeong, ran away, her father got into an accident and died. Fast forward to the present day, Min-Hee Kyeong is the queen of the shoe industry and has changed her name to ”Laura”. Kim Jem Ma has become the new love interest of the sweet Yoon Gi Seok, who owns a fusion Korean restaurant. Furthermore, Yoon Gi Seok’s character is played by the very handsome and charming Park Yoon Jae. The actor Shin Jung Yoon plays Yoon Hyeon Seok, who is Yoon Gi Seok’s more charming and playful younger brother.

Red Shoes Episode 11

The cast and director of the drama cr: KBS2

You may be wondering why is the drama titled ” Red Shoes”? The scriptwriter Hwan Soon Young has beautifully answered this. The night that Kim Jem Ma’s father kicked Min-Hee Kyeong out, she left wearing red shoes. Here, the red shoes symbolize the ‘desire’ of the mother as she chooses luxury over family. However, the last gift Kim Jem Ma received from her mother was a necklace with red shoes on it. For the heartbroken daughter, the red shoes represent revenge. Make sure you tune in to watch Red Shoes Episode 11.

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