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Red Lights Movie Ending Explained

Today, let’s get the Red Lights movie ending explained! If you have come across this movie, then you must be knowing that how tricky and confusing its ending was! The things which were settling down had shown a different face towards the end. Everything was mixed up! The one who was debunking the things turns out to be the real culprit of all those happenings. Throughout the movie, fans or can say viewers have witnessed various kinds of spoilers. And towards the end, everything was messed up. You have to be vigilant enough to catch the ending. Just to your help, we have jotted down the ending over here. This is done so that you can find a little rest to your mind.

So, let’s begin with the basics. “Red Lights” is a supernatural thriller film which was launched in 2012. It was both written and directed by Rodrigo Cortes. This movie was had premiered in January 2012 at the Sundance Film Festival. And on 13th July 2012, it was released in the United States. But unfortunately, it received a limited release.

red lights movie ending explained

One of the posters of “Red Lights”

The cast of “Red Lights”

Well, this movie had undertaken a diverse star cast. One of the lead characters who played a significant role in this drama was Thomas “Tom” Buckley. This role was undertaken by an Irish actor named Cillian Murphy. Another main character whose role was important enough was Margaret Matheson. This part was played by an American actress. Her name is Susan Alexandra “Sigourney” Weaver. She is considered as one of the pioneers of action heroines, particularly in science fiction films. Now, you are familiar with the protagonists. But what about the antagonists. The main antagonist of this film was Simon Silver. This role was offered and played by an American actor, producer, and director named Robert Anthony De Niro Jr. The other roles and the actors who have played those parts are as follows.

red lights movie ending explained

A still of Silver from the movie

Monica Hansen, this role was played by Joely Kim Richardson. Another role was Sally Owen. And this role was played by the most gorgeous Elizabeth Chase Olsen. Then Ben was played by Craig Roberts. Tobias Edward Heslewood Jones had played the role of Dr. Paul Shackleton. Burn Hugh Winchester Gorman had offered his service by playing the role of Benedict Cosell. Leonardo “Leo” Palladino was played by the dashing Leonardo Máximo Sbaraglia. Lynn Blades played the role of Dana. The part of Traci Northrop was played by Jeany Spark. Julius Cotter had played the role of Dr. Jennings.

red lights movie ending explained

A still from the movie. Featuring Margaret Matheson

Red Lights Movie Plot

Before stepping down to the ending, let’s first discuss the plot of “Red lights.” So, the whole movie revolves around a physicist and a university psychology professor. The physicist was Thomas “Tom” Buckley. And the university psychology professor was Margaret Matheson. Together they both used to debunk several supernatural phenomenons they came across. With solid proof, they used to disapprove the theories and statements of people claiming that they have talked to dead people or any other stating themselves to be the Godmen. The film mainly focuses on their attempt to debunk a renowned psychic who was away from the limelight for so long. And then, he appeared on the front after the death of a reporter, who throughout his life was against him and tried his level best to oppose him for being a self-proclaimed godman. Now, let’s explain the ending of “Red Lights.”

Red Lights Movie Ending Explained

The last part or can say the ending scenes, had pulled the curtains when Tom reached the auditorium where Silver has been performing. Where he was caught by the paid thugs of Simon Silver. Thomas “Tom” Buckley was brutally beaten in the restroom of the auditorium where Silver was performing. Anyhow he manages to get up and escape from there to reach the performance hall. He moves towards Simon Silver. And to everyone’s amazement, the whole aura wents creepy. The surrounding turned into a pool of paranormal happenings.

red lights movie ending explained

Paranormal activities happening during the show

But interestingly, Tom is unaffected by all this. And he again started to move towards Silver. Taking advantage of the situation and the things happening around them, he instantaneously throws a coin towards Silver. To everyone’s amazement, Silver, who used to claim himself as the blind Godmen, had caught that coin. Hence, Tom was successful in debunking the claims and lies of Simon Silver. This was the time when audiences were made to encounter the truth.

Silver performing in his show

A strange revelation was made by Tom. He revealed that throughout the entire drama, the one who possessed any kind of paranormal powers was none other than he. And he was the only one who used to create all those events. However, he was unaware of the same till the very end.

red lights movie ending explained

One of the protagonists- Thomas “Tom” Buckley

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