Red Dead Online: Everything We Know So Far

Red Dead Online is a game that will bring players across the world for western adventures. Hence the name multiplayer. It’s an online game that is touted to be 2018’s greatest (western)adventure. Red Dead Online will be out on two platforms of Xbox and PlayStation. As fans of the western cowboy adventure game you must know that Red Dead Redemption 2 or RDR2 released today, October 26. RDR2 has won rave reviews across all platforms except for its one limitation. RDR2 won’t be coming to PC at all. But what about Red Dead Online Multiplayer, let’s find out.

Red Dead Online Multiplayer: Release Date

Red Dead Online was first announced by the creators at Rockstar Games on September 18. Rockstar Games called this open world online game to be set in the same RDR realm. Western rodeos, Dutch Van der Linde gang, etc., the narrative overall remains the same. Rockstar Games called Red Dead Online a scale above the RDR multiplayer experience. It is slated to be released in the month of November. But only as a public beta version. Rockstar has accepted certain technical limitations on its part for starters. Red Dead Online promises to better with constant updates. It relies heavily on the support of Rockstar Games fans and the RDR fans. Meanwhile, players will get used to the correct mechanics as Rockstar receives suggestions on improvement.

Red Dead Online Beta

If one goes to the official website of Rockstar games, one sees nothing much besides the above-mentioned information. Rockstar Games has taken a limited approach regarding the info on Red Dead Online. It only has assured us of competitive and cooperative activities and a free world option. But that doesn’t stop us from taking hints. As you may know, GTA comes from the same creators. So Red Dead Online will have the same basic core mechanisms like GTA. What I can assure you is that Red Dead Online will have 32 players per server (as confirmed by the game’s PlayStation 4 bundle.)

As per the latest leaks (via Trusted Reviews), Red Dead Online will revive the content creator mode. Following will be included:
Challenges with small rewards
Weapon challenges
Death matches
Treasure hunts
Player-owned tents etc.
Besides it is also expected to be modeled on the battle royale trend with a mode comparable to Fortnite or Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG). It is based around the philosophy of “Revive and Survive,” “Money Grab” and ” High Stakes,” “No Respawns Battle.” Let’s hope some of it comes true. More as we have it.

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