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Kdrama ‘Red Cuff of the Sleeve’: Everything You Want To Know

Red Cuff of the Sleeve'

Korean dramas never fail to explore the historical genre of drama. The industry brings time and again historical concepts. They also bring them with unique concepts leaving the audiences wanting for more. Once again, they are bringing another historical drama, Red Cuff of the Sleeve, in 2021. However, we will be seeing a new pair for the leading roles in the upcoming historical drama.

The director and screenwriter for Red Cuff of the Sleeve are Jung Ji In and Jung Hae Ri, respectively. Jung Ji In is a director of great renowned and popularly known for her works on the 2017’s Radiant Office, 2015’s Tomorrow Victory, and 2018’s Hold Me Tight. MBC’s original network premiered all of her previous works. Writer Jung Hae Ri also previously penned down another great historical drama in 2017, The Emperor: Owner of the Mask. There are several other names for the series, such as The Red Sleeve Cuff, Ossomae Bulgeun Kkeutdong, Dress Sleeved Red, etc.

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The script for the drama found its inspiration from 2017’s novel series Otsomae Beulgeun Kkeuddong. The writer behind the novel series is Kang Mi-Kang, with Chungeoram as the publisher. The novel series does not contain only fictional elements but also some real from the historical period. Planning for the drama is still going on with not many details on development and production. Furthermore, there is no official confirmation of the casting as of now. Drama scripts had been sent out, but they are not accepted yet by the leading roles.

Red Cuff of the Sleeve


Red Cuff of the Sleeve: Release Date

Red Cuff of the Sleeve is a historical romance drama that found its inspiration from a Korean novel. The series will consist of sixteen episodes like any other usual Korean dramas. MBC’s original network will broadcast the drama series. However, Red Cuff of the Sleeve does not have any confirmation for its official release date. According to many sources, the drama Red Cuff of the Sleeve is all set to air in the first half of 2021. But, it seems that it may so not be the case as there is no news on it yet. Moreover, the schedule for most of the drama airing until May is out. Red Cuff of the Sleeve does not have its name at least until the May Schedule.

Red Cuff of the Sleeve: Casting

We do have little information on the cast to whom the drama scripts had been sent for playing the lead roles. Apart from that, we do not have any other knowledge of other casts. There is no official revelation for the casting or if the official leads have accepted the drama script or not. The leading cast for Red Cuff of the Sleeve will be Park Hye Soo and Kim Kyung Nam if they accept the respective roles. Park Hye Soo was last seen in the 2017’s Saimdang, Memoir of Colors series.

A representative from the industry said that an offer has been received by Kim Kyung Nam for playing the lead role for male in the new drama of MBC, Red Cuff of the Sleeve. But, he is in the process of reviewing the offer. JR ENT, his agency, also commented on the report and said that Kim Kyung Nam got an offer for the drama and is still reviewing it. There is no decision as of yet for the drama. Another official from the drama station stated that the upcoming MBC drama, Red Cull of the Sleeve, will have Park Hye-Su in the leading role. Later on, Huayi Brothers, her agency, confirmed the report and commented that the offer for the new drama is under active consideration from the actress.

Red Cuff of the Sleeve: Plotline

Red Cuff of the Sleeve will be set in the 18th century during the period of the Joseon era. The series is a romantic political drama that will revolve around royal concubine Uibin Sung and King Jeongjo. It will not only portray their love story but also depict how she rose to the highest position and became the mother of the crown prince. Later on, she became the Royal Noble Consort of Joseon. Her side story was also told in the 2007’s Lee San, Wind of the Palace. Well, she is indeed one of the real historical figures.

The drama will depict Park Hye Soo in the role of Seong Deok Im. Her childhood was not much lovely. One day, a major crisis befalls her family that led her to become a mature person due to various obstacles. Later on, one day, she enters the palace as a court lady and goes to become Prince Moon Hyo Ja’s birth mother. Seong Deok Im caught the eyes of Jeongjo, played by Park Hye Soo. He is the crown prince destined to become the king. Jeongjo offers to marry Seong Deok but rejects him continuously. So, she received the highest position as the royal concubine when he became the king. Their journey and love are not as easy as it seems. They had to go through various obstacles together to get to their respective positions.

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