Record of Ragnarok Episode 1: Release Date & Preview

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Record of Ragnarok
Record of Ragnarok

Record of Ragnarok is a new upcoming Anime also knows as Shuumatsu no Valkyrie. The Anime will start airing next week Thursday, and it will be available across different streaming platforms. Let’s take a look at what Record of Ragnarok has to offer below. Human Civilization has come to an end after 7 Million Years. After 1000 years, the world’s Gods assemble in heaven for ”Conference of Mankind Survival.” During the gathering, the Gods concluded and decided to eliminate Humankind.

The Gods think humans have committed sins, but before they approve the decision, Brunhild arrives. Brunhild is the eldest of the 13 Valkyrie sisters who disagreed with the Gods. The Gods wanted to put humans to the test. Brunhild proposes to have God vs. Humanity on the final battle known as the Ragnarok.  In Ragnarok, Gods and Champions around the universe entered a competition and had a one-on-one battle. The first group to win more fights out of 13 will get announced as winners.

Brunhild notices that humans are afraid to challenge the Gods. Humans think that it is impossible to defeat the Gods. Brunhild asks the Gods if they are chickening out. The Gods got affected by her words and accepted the challenge of Gods vs. Humanity. The Gods allow Brunhild and other sisters to pick the most vital Champions worldwide to challenge the Gods. 13 Champions can enter the completion. Let’s find out who will win between the Gods and the Humankind.

Record of Ragnarok Episode 1 Summary

The showdown between Gods and Humans has begun. Those who lost in Ragnarok pay the price of their souls turned into dust. The loser gets transported to Niflhel, the Norse Realm of Fog. The reincarnation cycle keeps on continuing as the war continues. The Valhalla Arena got chosen as the place for the war. Brunhilde is the sister to side with humans in support of  Ragnarok to find who will conquer between the Gods and Humankind.

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When Brunhilde announces, the Ragnarok Gods teases her, thinking that mere humans can’t even lay a scratch on them. The Gods told Brunhilde that fighting with humans is a waste of time since the victory is already in their hands. Brunhilde mocks the Gods and questions their strength. The Gods felt insulted and accepted to brawl with humans. The Gods vow that this lady will eat her words after they smash the humans. Ragnarok might end the destruction of humans, or it will be the end of Humankind in this world.

Lu Bu Fengxian became the first Champion to present humans in the first round of Ragnarok, clashing with Thor. As a result, Lu Bu earned the title ”The Flying General.” Lu Bu is the warlord in the Three Kingdoms era, and in China, they praise him. Many people recognize Lu Bu as one of the strongest warriors in history. The Flying General has Godly Strength. During the battle, Lu Bu shows to be a worthy opponent to Thor and survive Thor’s Hammer head-on.

Thor Nordic’s Strongest Warrior

Record of Ragnarok
Record of Ragnarok

The Gods got surprised by what kind of human is Lu Bu to survive the blow coming from the gods. Lu Bu has a powerful slash that cuts the sky in half. Lu’s  Godly Speed ​and reflexes allow him to square off with the Gods while keeping the same pace. Thor got surprised during the battle when Lu Bu blocks his hammer strike using bare hands. Thor realizes that his strike move than lightning. Lu Bu also shocked the Gods after dodging a Thunder Strike that has never missed its target.

Thor posses powers that he can bury the earth with a single hit. Thus, Thor represents the Gods during the first stage of  Ragnarok, exchanging blows with Lu Bu. During the battle, Lu Bu received new powers from the Gods known as Geirrod and Jormungandr. Those attacks where knows that only Thor can wield them. But a mere human took them by surprise. The Gods recognize Thor as Nordic’s Strongest Warrior and Nordic God of Thunder.

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Thor’s killer move is the hammer blow that no one has even survived after receiving a single hit. Some call that killer move an instant kill technique. Thor can summons vast electricity and lightning and mixed it with Mjolnir. During the battle, Lu Bu witnessed the true powers of the goods from Thor. Thor posses an ultimate technique which he unleashes when he is facing brutal warriors. Let’s meet again when the first episode airs on Thursday. Take a look at the weekly schedule and make sure not to miss the war between the Gods and Humans.

Record of Ragnarok Episode 1 Release Date and Where to Watch Online?

Record of Ragnarok Episode 1 release date is 17 June 2021, at 4:00 PM JST.  You can watch Record of Ragnarock online on Netflix.

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