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Spoilers & Preview: Rebel Season 1 Episode 9 And 10

What To Expect From Rebel S01E09 And E10 ?
Still From Rebel S01E08Featuring Rebel and Grady

ABC’s new crime drama Rebel which debuted in April is officially coming to a close now. Krista Vernoff created the show telling a story based on the life of the legal clerk Erin Brockovich. But the first season didn’t manage to garner the much-needed attention resulting in ABC canceling it amidst the first season run. Now the upcoming Rebel Season 1 Episode 9 And 10 will serve as the finale for the entire show. Thus concluding the titular character’s story and Stonemore Medical’s case. Recently on the show, things were finally coming at peace for Rebel. It seemed like they finally had one upper hand over Stonemore Medicals when a man approached them to help. But Benji is playing his own game and there is a personal secret kept away from Rebel which is about to cause a number of issues in the upcoming ninth and tenth episode.

So coming to the ninth and tenth episode, we recently saw Angela reveal a bigger secret about Grady to Lana. To keep Rebel focused and away from the tense situation she is already in, Lana kept the secret to herself. But things go down when Sean and Ziggy get to know about it. So at least they are not keeping the secret away anytime soon. Apart from this, the main Stonemore Medical Case gets a bigger issue when the testimony found denies helping out. It seems like Stonemore Medical is at its game to avoid it. Next, there are relationships and love building in as well while some are falling down. Let’s have a quick recap on the show then we will move on to what we can expect from Rebel Season 1 Episodes 9 and 10.

Recap For Rebel Season 1

Previously on Rebel, we opened up to Rebel taking Stonemore’s activities to media while Lana confronted Grady about having a son. Angela gave a big cue on Grady’s last episode and now it’s paying off. With Rebel having a strong testimony now, this gets Benji worrying. Rebel and Lana visit the man who approached them at a sports game in the last episode. The one whose husband works at Stonemore medicals. But the chemist who worked on the valve denies speaking. This further doesn’t go down well with Cruz. In the last episode, we almost saw him taking the wrong measures to get through this case. Even if it means digging his dead wife’s grave.

What Went Down In Rebel S01E09 And E10 ?

From Rebel S01E08 Featuring Rebel, Lana and Chemist From Stonemore Medicals

While Nate tries to work on Maggie, Ziggy and Sean realize the home cam recorded them while spending time together. This in turn leads them to check on the camera. But the footage reveals more secrets to them. Especially the earlier conversation Lana and Grady had about the secret son. On the other hand, even Grady approaches Lana to sort things out. He states he had the baby when he wasn’t in a relationship with Lana. As this goes on, Cruz takes the chemist in when stealing the car causes him to get arrested. But Benji shows up in time to rescue the chemist stating he is his client and won’t speak anything to them.

Ending Of Rebel S01E09 And E10

Still From Rebel S01E08

The Chemist does show up at the hearing though while Lana tries to keep everything away from Rebel. The revelation about nickel leaching out into the patient’s blood saw the court rethink that something is wrong. This leads them to side with Cruz. Meanwhile, Cassidy and Luke fell for each other. The same way Nate and Miesha too. The episode came to a close with Sean barging in Rebel and Cruz’s drinking session. When Rebel acknowledges Grady’s secret, she goes to confront him on a boat. This results in a big fight with everyone watching them. Grady states he took care of her daughter not her while Rebel screams he took all money for his son before she fell back from the boat. The episode closes in with a mugshot to Rebel as she is put in Jail again.

Rebel Season 1 Episode 9 And 10

Rebel Season 1 Episode 9 And 10 are releasing on June 10, 2021, and will air on ABC at 10|9c. The show has a total of 10 episodes which means the upcoming two will serve as a finale for the series. Yes, ABC has officially canceled the show amidst its first season run. The story of Rebel will conclude with the upcoming two episodes with no further seasons in turn. Rebel Episodes 9 and 10 will also be available to stream on  ABC’s official website. Furthermore, you can later buy or rent all the episodes of Rebel’s first season from the video-on-demand services of Amazon PrimeVUDU, and Google Play Movies And TV. Check out the official promo for Rebel Episodes 9 and 10 below along with all details of what to expect.

Rebel Season 1 Episode 9 is titled, “Trial Day”. According to the official synopsis of the episode, people saw Grady and Rebel’s breakdown at the end of the previous episode. Many of them even recorded their conversation before she got arrested. This may lead the entire media to know about their personal life hers. Soon it becomes headlines. This will heavily affect the Stonemore Medical Case causing her to distance herself from it as much as she can if they want to win.

Rebel Season 1 Episode 10 is titled, “36 hours”. The tenth and final episode may come off as an aftermath of everything that went down in the ninth. From the official synopsis, it seems like the case won’t do much good to Rebel and her team. From everything we can see for episode ninth, she is in a bad light. Even the case too now. This will see her, Cruz, Ziggy, and Lanato bring all the help they can. Thus, it’s time to take everyone to support them at the court if they want to take the firm down.

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