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Why Was Joseon Exorcist Cancelled?

Reasons of Joseon exocrist being cancelled

It official now, K-drama Joseon Exorcist has been canceled. Two episodes were released and less than a week after it got premiered. The series officially canceled over Chinese props and historical distortion that stirred controversy. Korean drama series Joseon Exorcist has received a very high rating after the release, but fate didn’t work for them. There was the countering moment of controversy that made it sealed. Last week it was launched, and after four days SBS has declared to cancel the series. Originally it was designed for 16 episodes where only two of them were released. The series is of horror drama which pulled viewers’ eyes on it for the opening episode itself.

Reasons of Joseon exocrist being cancelled

The show’s main reason was the distortion of history and the inclusion of Chinese props that none of them had encouraged. The story is a fictional supernatural story. The show lost its sponsors were sponsors include LG Lifestyle and Health, KT Telecom, and Samsung. The sponsors also officially announced that the returns will be pulled, and the show was removed from the screen to make changes to certain elements.


The show is about the reign of King Taejong, the third Regent of the Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910). Joeson Exorcist is a fictional supernatural story about the king and his two sons Prince Chungnyung and  Prince Yangnyeong. The two young boys need to fight against the evil spirits to protect their kingdom. One fine day, normal villagers emerge from hiding and the king brings down hallucinations to himself about his father. By reacting to their father’s words, he tries to cut down the vision with his sword, but things go wrong, and end up slaying a commoner. In madness,  he does this kind of thing multiple times,  until the corpses of dozens of innocent civilians lie at his feet.

Reasons of Joseon exocrist being cancelled

SBS channel statement

After the release of two episodes, the SBS channel has declared officially to stop the featuring of the show. SBS stated that Joseon Exorcist is a fantasy fusion historical drama. Korean people had issues while watching the show and also received a high priority of petition by 156,000 people to cancel the show. The sponsors had withdrawn their partnership with the show. The writer Park Gye Ok had accepted the statements passed by SBS and he was also criticized for tampering with Korean history. SBS channel announced that it will be their responsibility and the show will be terminated.

This means, no more episodes will be premiered moving on, though they have filmed all the episodes and paid most of the broadcasting rights. It was also stated that posts or information related to Kdrama have been removed from SBS social media. SBS takes full responsibility as a public broadcast network. At the release of the first episode and the consequences got started up then itself SBS has declared an apology and explanation to the viewers but the contradiction for the show in the second episode is increased as it includes Chinese style elements more and lead to shut down. The production team made a statement that they require one week time to modify the show and telecast hence SBS also stated that it’s never gonna air.

Reasons of Joseon exocrist being cancelled

Show Producers statements

The show producers also made a statement regarding this issue that these items were chosen since the locations and the scenes were in Uiji County, and it matches the level of Joseon Kingdom border with Ming dynasty China. They explained that food props were chosen so that they would have w2elcomed Chinese travelers. They stated that this show was not to make anyone criticize, nor point out anyone, it’s just a supernatural fictional drama to entertain the viewers.


The main cast features Jang Dong-Yoon as Prince Chungnyung, Park Sung-hoon as Prince Yangnyeong, Kam Woo-sung as King Taejong, Kim Dong-jun as Byeo Ri, Jung Hye-sung as Moo Hwa, a shaman, Lee Yu-bi as Eo-RI, a woman who’s loved by the crown prince, Keum Sae-rok as Hye-yoom, Byeo-RI’s co-worker, Seo Young-hee as Queen Wongyeong, Min Jin-Woong as Ing-Choon, Min Sung-Wook as Park Seo-bang, Moon Woo-jin as Grand Prince Kang-nylon, Hong Woo-jin as Hong Seok-Joong, Han Kyu-won as Hong Min-JE, Oh Eui-Shik as Ji Gyeom, Baek Eun-Hye as Daughter-in-law, Seo Dong-won as Marco.

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