Reason Why Jiren Can Never Lose, Secret Behind Jiren’s Eyes!


Everyone in ‘Tournament of Power’ including the Gods are thinking how can any mortal (Jiren) be this strong and invincible that no one can actually stand a chance against him, how can a mortal, Goku get ‘Ultra Instinct’ (a technique even feared among Gods and hard to attain) and still lose against Jiren and how can Jiren transcend time to defeat Hit and what’s the real story of the mortal even a God of Destruction can’t defeat.

Howdy everyone, I was going through some theories and pictures going viral through the internet and most of them were about Vegeta achieving ‘Ultra Instinct’ or the Kafla (Kefla/Kefura) and Vegito theory. No one was actually focusing on the strongest warrior. So I planned on re-watching all fights of Jiren and found out every-time he fought strong opponents, he used the glare in his eyes. So I’m here with a theory on The Secret behind Jiren’s eyes; without any delays let’s get started –

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Reason Why Jiren Can Never Lose, Secret Behind Jiren's Eyes!

Now, let’s go back to the time when Goku fought Jiren; Jiren’s overwhelming power was overpowering Goku ‘SSB Kaio-ken x10’ and suddenly he unleashed some more power and transformed into ‘SSB Kaio-ken x20’. Yep, that’s the thing I want to discuss about; If you noticed Jiren’s eyes at that point then you may realize that this theory is making sense, real soon. Every time we think that Jiren is about to lose and we see Glare in his eyes. Yes, that is the main thing behind his tremendous power.

The very next moment Goku asked everyone from Universe 7 for their energy to use his trump card against Jiren, The spirit bomb. Unfortunately, it was a fail and what made it a fail was again, the glare in Jiren’ eyes; Well, it was the reason for Goku’s ‘Ultra Instinct’ so let’s just ignore how badly Goku got exhausted after their fight. Goku achieved ‘Ultra Instinct’ using the Spirit bomb as a trigger and used it as an energy source (temporary) for his depleted body.

If you guys remember correctly; Hit vs Jiren was one astonishing fight and when Hit almost caught Jiren off his guard struggling against HIt’s special attack, we saw that Glare again; (I’m giving picture proofs in each paragraph so you can remind it quickly). Yep, after seeing that glare, we saw Jiren overpowering Hit’s attack easily. That was the third time we got to see the Glare in his eyes after fighting someone (First time in Goku vs Jiren fight and next time against the spirit bomb).

And I guess, it’s almost time when I tell you my theory on, Why Vermouth/Belmod was so sure that “Jiren can’t lose no matter what” and how is he so overpowered and What’s the secret behind his eyes? Is that the glare that’s making him more powerful than his opponents or He really trained for a long amount of time and its all his physical power?

Grand Priest

Another thing I want to clear is the reason Why Jiren eliminated Hit and not Goku? It’s because he already knew about ‘Ultra Instinct’ and there is no way anyone could achieve the form again in a gap of just 10-15 minutes. What makes me say that is Whis saying that the form is hard to attain even for Gods and Jiren saying “The heat … that is your limit”.

There is no way in hell anyone could notice such things; It’s just because Jiren already knew about it. Reason behind Hit’s elimination was, according to Jiren, Hit was the only person who could give him a tough match and that’s why after eliminating Hit, he started meditation. Goku and Kale are the underestimated ones by Jiren and that’s why he never tried eliminating them.

Jiren Power Level

Now, I won’t cause anymore confusion and come straight to the point!

Somehow, Jiren managed to attain the Super Dragon Balls and make a wish. His wish was neither for immortality nor for more power. It was to be able to defeat or overpower any of the opponent he set his sights on, just because he is member of the Pride troopers and justice so he just wanted to uphold that justice and that’s why he wished to uphold his justice; no matter what opponent he face, he can easily defeat them as soon as he set his sights on the opponent.

Vermouth/Belmod already said that “it’s foolish to speak of Jiren in the practical sense. He is a being that will never lose. No matter who he is up against!” So when he was given the order to crush Son Goku, his eyes were set on this task and he released enough power to beat him.

Jiren isn’t just a fighter that trained so hard and has attained that much (tremendous) amount of power, he will always have enough power to defeat any opponent he faces. Well, what you guys think now? Why is Jiren a sworn friend to Toppo? Well maybe it’s because he swore to Toppo that if he helped him to attain this power that he would remain a pride trooper and to only use it for Justice. It isn’t hard to visit a divine place get all the information you need about the Dragon Balls as we have seen.

Jiren Real Power

Maybe at one time Vermouth/Belmod as a destroyer threatened Justice and the Pride troopers and the only way to defend against him was this last resort. To obtain the Super Dragon Balls and to grant a wish to never be beaten in order to uphold justice.

So, Jiren got his wish already and when Vermouth/Belmod tried fighting Jiren; His eyes unleashed enough power to stop his God of Destruction to destroy the universe. It was already confirmed in manga too that Jiren is stronger than his god of destruction.

I guess, many of you people are completely satisfied till here but there are some who will still comment “Fake” even if it’s just a theory. Well, I think you might find it helpful and it may clear your doubts. Anyways, Thanks for reading. If you guys got any Dragon Ball Super theory or any doubt regarding such things. Make sure to let me know in the comment section or message me on Social media. I’ll try my best to reply each comment or message.


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The Dragon Ball Universe has a lot of characters and a lot of “items” which revolves around the story of all characters. Dragon Ball franchise also has a lot of characters, from major characters such as Goku and from the minor characters like Gohan’s robot friend from one of the filler episodes. There are times when the creator, Akira Toriyama, would forget about those or simply make things disappear in the show without warning.

If you grew up with Goku and the Z fighters, you would know that there are things that were never seen again in DBS from DBZ or DB. From the simplest details to some character disappearances, you can say that this series has a very great history. And here’s the top three of what I think was forgotten in the series.

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Image result for Goku power pole pinterest

This iconic weapon was Goku’s main source of attack during his early days. Back when Dragon Ball’s animation depicts fat Goku and fat Krillin, and Tien Shinhan wears something for his head, Goku’s main weapon is a pole that grows or shrinks depending on the situation. The last time we saw this pole is in the latest ending of Dragon Ball Super.

Image result for Goku power pole pinterest

Goku received the Power Pole from Grandpa Gohan. Despite Goku using this item primarily as a weapon, its main purpose is for its length-changing ability to be used to travel to Korin’s tower from Kami’s lookout. After Goku’s battle with Dr. Wheelo in Dragon Ball Z: World’s Strongest, he was not seen using the Power Pole as a weapon again. Nobody knows where it is.

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Image result for Icarus dbz pinterest

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But perhaps, Icarus is popularly known for his mini dance production with Gohan back when he was training with Piccolo as a kid. The dance production is…not that bad but Piccolo’s reaction made the moment gold. If you’re a fan of Team Four Stars, this is the dragon that

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