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The Reason Why Goku Might Spark The Clash Against Universe 6 and Universe 7

There are no other universes like Universe 6 and Universe 7 that work together in the Tournament of Power. Well, except for that Frost-Frieza incident, of course, the Saiyans from Universe 6 and 7 have this curiosity boiling down in them. With an acquaintanceship in the past, the twin universes helped each other many times.

Even Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans in Universe 7, and the grumpy man who is not fond of socializing with humans from his universe will save Cabba from his demise. This must be a good episode because this will be the first time in forever that we will see Cabba in the Tournament of Power, I thought Cabba has totally forgotten about him.

Gaining mutual respect from each other in the past, Goku and Hit has helped each other in the Tournament of Power. The two aces of the twin universe shared a battle against Dyspo and Kushni several episodes ago. And from the looks of things, Hit will also save Goku after his failure to attack Jiren using the Genki Dama.

But everything might change after several episodes. Hit will fight against Jiren in Goku’s place to devise a plan and defeat this God-like creature. While Goku is resting, Universe 3 will be targetting the Saiyan and surprisingly, no one from Universe 7 is actually protecting him. So who would save Goku from his demise? Another Universe 6 warrior which he had taught how to be a Super Saiyan 2 just a while ago.

In this fight, Goku and Caulifla will once again have a fierce battle which they enjoy. very much. Kale can now turn into the Berserker Super Saiyan form at will without saying Goku’s name over and over again. She also seems to be able to achieve a normal Super Saiyan transformation (that trimmed down berserker form) in which she has a full control of herself.

We are already spoiled that Kale will have her Berserker mode again though it was never stated if it is her out of control berserker mode or her other slimmed-down form. But if there’s something that has a great possibility to happen, it would be someone eliminating someone. It could be that Goku will be eliminated bu Kale and Caulifla (because of his weakened state) or the other way around. The last theory is more imaginable because of heck, this is Dragon Ball.

Either way, when someone will get eliminated, this might spark the end of Universe 6 and Universe 7’s friendship in the Tournament of Power. Cabba might be enraged to see his other Saiyan friends getting knocked out. This might also be a motivation for Cabba to eliminate Vegeta, as if his motivation isn’t enough.

Only one universe will be left after the Tournament of Power. There is a possibility that we will never see characters from other Universes again after their erasure. It could also mean that we will not be able to see Hit, Cabba, Caulifla and other Universe 6 again if ever they follow Frost into nothingness. How cruel Zeno can be?

Written by Keira Alexandria

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