The Real Super Saiyan God Design Revealed


Super Saiyan God is one of the most popular form in Dragon Ball Super. We got our hands on the details of original Super Saiyan God design.

Super Saiyan God

Akira Toriyama Design:-

  • Hair being pushed slightly up by a purple-red highlight
  • Eyes are sharper, somewhat different retinas with purple-reddish in color.
  • His body built becomes narrower than Super Saiyan.

  • His aura becomes more flame like and explosive in appearance.
  • This transformation holds Godly Ki which can only be sensed by gods.

In an interview with the Battle of Gods character designer Yamamuro. Initially, he wants to give muscular form with wearing a cape and a unique Saiyan hairstyle in between Super Saiyan 3 and 4 to the Super Saiyan God transformation.

The series’ original author, Toriyama, came up with a picture of SSJ God that was completely different than Yamamuro’s initial muscular design. He discussed it with Toriyama before settling on the final design, and Toriyama was insistent on the design not being too different from Goku’s usual appearance, specifically not being muscular.

Super Saiyan God vs Super Saiyan Blue

When the red-haired Super Saiyan God transformation was discovered it surpassed the SSJ3 transformation. The Super Saiyan God Transformation was obtained through a ritual of Six Saiyans with an honest heart.

Super Saiyan Red vs Super Saiyan Blue

However, In the Anime, he does not hold the hands with the rest of Saiyan, but instead, they channel their energy to him.

In the anime, Super Saiyan God form could heal its user. When Beerus stabbed Goku with his bare hand, Goku was able to recover his wound because of SSG form.

In the Dragon Ball  Manga, Vegeta reveals that he can become Super Saiyan God at will.
According to Vegeta, he obtained this transformation during his intense training with Whis and thus allows him to possess Godly Ki.

There are much more online, but they all are fanart based on what Yamamuro said about the design. Surprisingly none of the fanart shows a cape which was also part of the original plan.


Universe 7’s One Warrior Eliminated, Mysterious Warriors Attacks!

Hey guys. It’s been a hectic day for Dragon Ball Super Fans. I don’t what I should be addressing. But after going through a lot of research I have found a brilliant thing that will amaze you. According to the spoilers of Dragon Ball Super Episode 119, one of Universe 7’s fighters is going to be victimized. Erased universe dragon ball super

I know it is quite the news and it definitely surprised me. I’m sure your reaction wouldn’t be so different. The title of Episode 119 is “A new victim from Universe 7. Universe 4’s speciality.” Credits for the translation goes to @YonkoProd on Twitter. It gives a huge hint towards the elimination of a fighter from Universe. So, who will this fighter be? Certainly it won’t be Gokū and Vegeta. Gohan and Piccolo won’t be eliminated either cause plot.

Frieza is more of a lone wolf but he has enough power to take care of himself. The weakest link in Universe 7 are the Androids when they are compared to other fighters from Universe 7 although the Androids are actually powerful. But they aren’t adored by fans like Gohan or Piccolo. There are two androids, Android 17 and Android 18. Out of these two Android 18 is the weaker one.

So, she could end up being the victim. Now let’s talk about the characters who could do such a thing. They’re going to fight warriors from Universe 4. Team Universe 4is a team presented by Quitela, Kuru and Cognac along with the strongest warriors from Universe 4, in order to take part in the Tournament of Power. Unlike the other universes, it visibly has only 8 members. Let’s start with the possible attackers.

Shantsa is a member of Universe 4’s

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