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The Real Reason Why Universe 4’s Mysterious Warriors Are Nowhere To Be Found

Universe 4 Gods and Angels

Even before the Tournament of Power started, Universe 4 got a lot of attention. Instead of ten warriors, only eight warriors was seen on their team. Tien Shinhan can feel two weak auras, but it is too faint to locate easily. The two hidden fighters were also not detected by Zeno-sama’s GodPad.

Two universes were erased, and almost half of the contestants were eliminated. While Universe 2, 6, 7, and 11 are getting the wheels spinning, Universe 3 and 4 is yet to have a screen time. But that might change in the next episode.

Master Roshi in Episode 105

Episode 5 of “Dragon Ball Super” is titled “A Desperate Battle! Master Roshi’s Sacrifice “. In this episode, Master Roshi will face Caway and other warriors of Universe 4. The Master will be seen to have a hard time. And in a desperate situation, it seems like Master Roshi will use the Evil Containment Wave.

Ganos from Universe 4

Universe 4 has been quite laid back up until now. They do not play aggressively, avoiding the spotlight if needed. Some Universe 4 warriors will come in the spotlight next episode. But the most interesting thing about this Universe right now is the hidden warriors. Their identity was finally revealed on Twitter by DB Guru Ken Xyro.

Universe 4 hidden warriors revealed

Turns out that their names are Damom and Gamisarasu. They are twins with a design that looks like a Clefairy bug hybrid. Damom is the green one and Gamisarasu is the purple one. There is a theory that states the twins can change their size. The reason why they are not detected in the Godpad is that they’re too small. They might have transformed into insects and waited in the top of the clock tower.

Size-shifting is a great way to avoid being eliminated early on in the Tournament of Power. If Damom and Gamisarasu wait until only one man is standing in the arena, they will win the with the tournament by number with ease.

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