The REAL reason the Tournament of Power started

When the Tournament of Power was first mentioned we had no idea what the stakes would be for the Tournament. It seemed like it was going to be a really big Tournament with other Universes and the winner gets the Super Dragon Balls, and bragging rights (and maybe training with the Great Priest I know I couldn’t of been the only one hoping for that!)

Well seems the real bombshell was yet to come, seeing how it was later announced that the winning Universe simply gets the Super Dragon Balls and allowed to live! Meaning the 7 other Participating Universes will be erased with no questions asked. So where did this idea come from? Is it really because they feel some Universes are not “evolving” quick enough? Or is there something darker going on? Here are some ideas/theories as to how the idea for the Tournament of Power could of started.

Theory/Idea number 1: Zamasu infected Future Zeno.
This has been the number one theory for the longest time when it comes to talking about how the Tournament of Power came about. The last we saw of Zamasu, he was trying to infect the Universe with his power, Zeno showed up and started his erasure procedure. Goku and the others went back to our time, Goku being curious heads back to the Future to see what happened. It was just Zeno floating there upside down in space.. It was never talked about, besides when discussing what to do with Future Trunks and Mai. Now this is plausible, if Zamasu was capable of infecting the Universe, seeing how Zeno was unprotected by his Body Guards and the Great Priest, Zamasu could of taken that time to infect Zeno. Instead of erasing Goku and Universe 7 right there, he decided to let it play out and try and wipe out multiple Universes at once.

Theory/Idea number 2: It’s all part of the Great Preist’s plan!
Think about this. The Great Priest knowing that himself and his children, the Angel Attendants are superior beings then Zeno, and the Gods of Destruction, the beings they are Attending to, is fed up and vows to set his children free. Knowing something Zeno doesn’t, the Great Priest sets up this Tournament to have 7 Universes erased in 1 day, releasing 7 of his children. All along, with each Universe being erased the Zeno’s grow weaker getting their power from the Universes. Once the Multiverse is down to 5 Universes the Great Priest decides to launch his assault with his children!

Theory/Idea number 3: Future Zeno tells about the Future!
What if, the Future Zeno being from the Future (duh), knows what’s going to happen with the Universes with the lowest Mortal Rating, and knows that it will lead to trouble and conflict among the Multiverse. Having such higher ranking Universes, they one day become impatient, and start waging war with the Universes with lower rankings. Not wanting to see that again, Future Zeno informs Present Zeno and the Great Priest about what is going to happen, and all the lives lost of the Supreme Kais, the God’s of Destruction’s, and the mortals of those Universes wanting to prevent that come up with the idea of holding a Tournament among the lower ranking Universes to erase them before war, and conflict erupts!

What are your thoughts? Do you think there is a hidden reason why this Tournament of Power happened? Or is it as simple as these Universes not evolving enough and the Zeno’s want entertainment? Let us know your ideas and opinions in the comments down below! As always thanks for reading!

Written by Jaskaran Oberoi

Hi, my name is Jaskaran Oberoi, and I'm From Punjab, India. I have been an anime for almost 18 years now and a fan of nearly all genres, You will often find me writing about a creepier side of the anime. You can get in touch with me at

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