The REAL reason why there is no killing allowed in the Tournament of Power

Back when the Tournament of Power was first announced, even before we had the rules set out to us by the Great Priest himself, everyone wondered what the rules of the Tournament of Power would be.

When they were finally revealed it seemed that the biggest rule set out in the Tournament of Power is that you are absolutely NOT allowed to kill your opponent. So the mystery with this is why? Why does it matter if an opponent is killed when the loosing Universes are going to be erased anyway? Well there may be a couple of big reasons why that it.


So why is the no killing rule so important being around such powerful entities such as the Angel Attendants and the Great Priest? Surely they should be able to bring someone back and escort them to the side lines.. Or the very least rewind time and stop the fight before it gets to far. Well it may not be that simple. Having 80 warriors fighting at once would be hard to ensure every participant is safe if killing wasn’t such a big deal. Even the Great Priest as powerful as he’s made out to be must have his limits?

What about this? What if participants cannot be killed because of where they are? They are in the World of Void. Looking at what Voids are referred to as is nothingness! Taking that and applying it to where they are, they are in a world where literally nothing exists. Not a heaven, or a hell where someone can go to, to be brought back in case of accidental death. It has been shown many times that complete erasure of a Universe is the goal here for loosing Universes, and if someone was accidentally killed without the Great Priest catching it that would mean someone from that loosing Universe would basically be exempt from being erased with their Universe.


Another reason why the no killing rule is being held with such high regard could simply be the fact that the Zeno’s are what they appear to be.. Children! Toriyama is famous for putting such high power in the hands of a being that’s usually immature or even a child. Look at Arale, even tho an Android she still has the power to take on Vegeta and win which we saw back in the earlier episodes of Dragon Ball Super. If they are children, that would be a reason why the Great Priest does not want killing in the Tournament.

Before anyone says “Zeno has killed Zamasu, it doesn’t matter”, that was complete erasure with nothing but a bright light, followed by someone not being there anymore. Zeno erased Zamasu, he didn’t technically kill him. Seeing someone be killed in combat and seeing the stuff Goku has gone through in all of the entirety of Dragon Ball during battles would be a bit much for such a young, fragile mind that only cares about games, and being entertained.

What are your thoughts? Why do you think the no killing rule is being enforced so strictly? Let us know your opinions, and ideas in the comments down below! As always, thanks for reading!


The Use Of This Technique Will Shock The Tournament Of Power!

It is a strict rule in Tournament of Power that killing is not allowed. Even if the killing was only done by an accident, it will be a violation of the rules. There is no explanation yet as to why killing is not allowed. But everyone, even Frieza and Hit, is being careful on their moves to avoid sudden destruction.

But in the world of Dragon Ball Super, killing is not similar to erasing someone. This fact might become something important later on. When you kill someone, the body remains and the spirit will go to either Hell or Heaven. While when you erase someone, nothing will remain in his existence but his memory from other people. Your physical body and even your spirit will be erased on the spot. What if erasing someone would become neat?

It is understandable why there is no rule about erasing someone in the Tournament of Power. Only Gods of Destruction and the Omni King has the ability to erase. We haven’t seen the Angels or even the Grand Priest erase something or someone.

But what if a powerful mortal who can access the power of the Gods could do Destruction? Known as Hakai in Japanese, the Godly technique was imitated by Goku in the Manga. During his battle against Fused Zamasu, he put all the power of the Blue in his one hand and blasted it towards his target.

This technique seems to be working effectively. But Zamasu used Mai as a human shield. Left with no choice, Goku stopped the technique just before he can do any harm to Mai. Had he been successful, he would’ve been the first mortal to use Hakai…..


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