The Real Reason Why They Changed Majin Buu To Frieza In ToP

Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super’s latest episode left us on a very big cliffhanger. Fans are curious whether Caulifla and Kale’s fusion will cause trouble to Goku or not in the next episode. However it’s not what I am here to discuss but I am here to question the choice of Akira Toriyama. The choice being why Toriyama didn’t take Majin Buu in Tournament of Power. As we know that originally, Majin Buu was going to take part in the Tournament Of Power.

Majin Buu was one of the 10 warriors representing Universe 7. Buu had even trained for the tournament. However, Majin Buu went to sleep for 6 months and then he was replaced by Frieza. The big question is why? Why didn’t Akira Toriyama let Majin Buu take part in the Tournament of Power?

The answer is his powers. Majin Buu has extendable body parts, which would allow him to grab any one of Universe 7 member falling of the arena. With the ability to turn anyone into chocolate, he would give Universe 7 an advantage.

He can split himself into many copies and have them go after everyone at once and thus would also allow his allies to escape from a tricky situation. Buu is capable of generating his body and it doesn’t matter how much damage he takes. The strongest of opponent’s can try attacking him and Majin Buu would just regenerate. Majin Buu can’t be killed and can instantly regenerate. The only way to beat him is to totally destroy every last shred of him but that will kill him.

As we know that killing is not allowed in the tournament of Power and the opponent or the person who ends up killing him will get disqualified. Thus, they would be erased on the spot by Zeno sama, according to the rules. Buu can also absorb his opponents and he can also absorb their powers. Don’t forget the healing powers, he can heal too.

The whole point is that Majin Buu is too overpowered for Tournament of Power and could’ve easily paved the path for Universe 7’s victory. That’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave your comments.


Akira Toriyama Reveals Why He Created Super Saiyan Form

From Dragon Ball Z to Dragon Ball Super, one of the most ancient and still seen transformations that can be achieved by Saiyans is the Super Saiyan transformation. The transformation is one of the weakest transformation these days, but back in the day of unending filler episodes and unnecessary zoo-ins, Super Saiyan transformation is the form so mythical that Goku almost lost his voice screaming while transforming.

But the transformation is not the only thing that makes it cool for our young mind. It was the golden aura and the golden locks that make the Super Saiyan transformation the pioneer of all future transformation in the Dragon Ball series. Goku’s hair transforming from black to gold is something that seem to be the catalyst of the perception of a very powerful power-up. And it is not only that, the spiky hair makes a sharp emphasis on power. But in all the color that exists in the world, why did Akira Toriyama decided to introduce Super Saiyan Transformation and use blonde/gold as the Super Saiyan color?

Some theories about this topic involve theories about the Aryan culture and how Akira Toriyama uses the Super Saiyan transformation as a symbolism that gold or blonde hair color is a sign of supremacy. Of course, these things are not really true because the Dragon Ball Super is so diverse that a chewing gum was once the most powerful threat to Earth’s safety.

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The thing about the Dragon Ball series is that it seems to be made for the purpose of easy viewing. Though DB, DBZ, DBS, and DBGT are easy to watch, it was never easy to produce the material it has, especially in the manga. Goku’s hair is something that can be done easily in

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Akira Toriyama Reveals Why He Created Super Saiyan Form

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