The Real Meaning Of ‘D.’ In One Piece Manga

what does d means in one piece

In today’s post you will know the real meaning of what D stands for in One Piece.

It has been bugging me all these years every time I hear the D. I have tried and tried on researching what it means until I re-watched the Dressrosa Arc and the final phase of the battle between Luffy and Doflamingo.

Monkey D Dragon Real Power

Either Oda hid it well in the scenes or I was too focused on the battle that I missed it for so long. As we all know Doflamingo is a former World Noble of the Donquixote Family. He used to reside in Mariejois but when his late father Donquixote Homing decided he wanted his family to live a normal life out of Mariejois, Homing wanting a modest lifestyle, were forbidden to ever step foot on Mariejois.

The Real Meaning Of D

18 remaining Royal families residing on the Holy Land where considered gods, they founded the World Government and is believed by Doflamingo that they hold a national treasure somewhere in Mariejois. Doflamingo was seen once saying that with the Ope Ope no Mi df, the one eaten by Trafalgar D. Water Law if combined with this treasure, one could conquer the world. The World Nobles hates those pirates with the D as they are considered as demons or devils.

Also Jaguar D. Soul once said that all his family carries the initial D. implying that the D. is inherited down in generations just like Monkey D. Garp, Monkey D. Dragon and Monkey D. Luffy. Making them inherit the devil just like the World Noble believe they are gods and superior to the rest of the world.

After Monkey D. Luffy and Doflamingo dealt their last attack with his King Kong Gun for Luffy and Doflamingo’s Sixteen Holy Bullet God Thread in mid-air, Doflamingo fell down breaking the remaining of Dressrosa and the words of Donquixote Rosinante came to Doflamingo’s mind saying, “In some places, there are people who call the Family of D…” “Sworn enemy of the gods”!

What does this mean? Who are the sworn enemy of the gods? It is a simple guess D stands for D(evil) or demons. The D can’t stand for Donkeys or whatever D word comes to mind. It has always been God vs Devil, Angels vs Demons. In summation, it is fairly understandable that the D stands for D(evil) as they are the only sworn enemies of the gods.

Monkey D Luffy Reverse Gear 5

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you think I am wrong or right, leave a comment below.