One Piece Chapter 917 Speculation, Spoilers, Release Date

One Piece 918

One Piece chapter 916 is already available, and it looks quite appealing. One Piece Chapter 917 is anticipated to have some big action. As you all know, this article contains major spoilers, and if you don’t mind being spoiled, you can continue with this article.

One Piece Chapter 916 Summary

one piece chapter 917 raw
One Piece 916 showed the sumo wrestling competition amid Luffy and Urashima. Luffy was left with no option except to fight Urashima as he’s about to kill O-Kiku for slicing off his top knot. Luffy was quickly able to overwhelm Urashima and sent him flying to the house of Holdem.

Holdem frightened Luffy not to move, or the lion in his belly will chop Tama’s body in half. Though, Luffy doesn’t appear worried that Tama will be injured and seemed very convinced that he can protect OTama. Hawkins caught the news and promptly headed to Bakura town. He also advised his allies not to join in a battle with the Strawhat Pirates as they are out of their league.

One Piece Chapter 917 Speculation, Spoilers

In this upcoming chapter, We are about to have 4 of the worst generation in 1 place for the very initial time following the time-skip. As the title, ‘The Chaos Burgeons Hiatus’ clearly reveals that the Bakura district is going to be in a Chaos, where four common super powerful One Piece Characters are going to fight. We will examine how Law assist Luffy in battling against Hawkins & Holdem. The chances of Luffy & Law reassembling in “One Piece” chapter 917 is impressive.

One Piece 917 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 917 won’t be arriving out as soon since successful manga creator Oda chose to take a one week break. The release date of the One Piece Chapter 917 is 15th September 2018. However, the scans will be out 2-3 days before that day.


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