Read One Piece Chapter 1040 Spoilers: Big Mom’s Downfall is Imminent

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One Piece Chapter 1040 Spoilers

The Onigashima raid is finally at its last moments, with One Piece Chapter 1040 spoilers released a bit later than usual for the upcoming chapter. The recent manga schedule saw the manga pick up pace as we get the first consecutive chapters in a period of two months. This comes after we only got two chapters in the past two months were action almost completely stopped. But now we have received the spoilers for the upcoming chapter, which will have major reveals for Big Mom vs. Law and Kid fight.

In the last chapter, we saw each of the supernovas unleashing their best abilities trying to take out Big Mom, but she kept on rising and rising no matter what they threw at her. And then we were left on wondering what this could mean for Big Mom as she was seemingly defeated, but we were waiting for the big reveal with One Piece Chapter 1040.

The manga has transitioned a bit from the primary fight at the rooftop. And seeing Big Mom rise over and over again meant that the fight on the rooftop might be compromised should Big Mom join in. This has been Law and Kid’s responsibility, keeping her at bay and making sure that she never rejoins with Kaidou.

It was after she managed to unleash a very devastating combined attack with Kaidou that almost killed Zoro. And should anything like that come back again, then it would most likely spell doom for their alliance.

One Piece Chapter 1040 will be officially released this weekend, and as usual, Viz Media and Shueisha’s Manga Plus will publish the chapter through their official platforms. Soon we will be taking a look at the manga spoilers that will give us an idea of what to expect from the upcoming chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1040 Spoilers

We have received a short summary courtesy of Redon from AP forums, The chapter will be titled “Words that have no effect on the New Generation.”

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On the cover is Niji and Yonji’s flashback to when Big Mom beat them.

One Piece Chapter 1040 Spoilers

Those involved in Big Mom’s attack must give her 50 years of life or they will become Big Mom’s slaves. Big Mom begins to take the lifespan of some members of Kid Pirates and Heart Pirates but Law manages to stop it. Kid and Law stands between Big Mom and their nakama. Big Mom also tries to take the lifespan away from them, but it has no effect on them. Kidd: “There is no need to be afraid of an old lady who is about to die!! The law uses a new technique called “R Room: Silent” which is inspired by the power of Nagi Nagi no Mi de Corazón. 

Law uses it to create a sphere around Big Mom that blocks the sounds he emits. This prevents Big Mom’s voice from reaching their nakama or Kaidou’s subordinates. Kid continues to turn his “Damned Punk” towards Big Mom until the ground collapses, Big Mom begins to fall.“Misery” tries to help her, but the law lowers her with the sword (without using OPE OPE, no MI power).

Why did not you just say before his death, Roger!? As she is falling, Big Mom shouts her last words. Big Mom: “Damn you, Kidd…Law…Do not you dare think I am going to die this easily!! When she looks up, a huge explosion takes place inside Wanokuni’s hole. Big Mom disappears in the middle of the smoke.

The explosion is larger in size than the Flower Capital, but thanks to Law’s technique, the sound of the explosion doesn’t reach the city. Narrator confirms that Law and Kid are the winners of the battle, their crews celebrate the result. Cut now to Yamato and Momonosuke, both are talking through a huge hole at the bottom of Onigashima created after the explosions.

Momonosuke: “Yamato!I have to tell you something! Zunisha is close to this island!! Yamato: “What!? The elephant that appears in Oden’s journal!!? Momonosuke: “Yes!! It’s Joy Boy’s nakama who committed a crime 800 years ago! !!


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One Piece Chapter 1041 will be released on the last Sunday of February.

Big Mom’s Defeat and Regret

It looks like the moment that we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Big Mom’s downfall and how the Raid will finally play out. There are a few events building up in the background, including Zunesha’s appearance and the CP0’s hunt for Robin. Aside from the fight on the rooftop, this will also play a crucial role.

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