Read One Piece 921 Official Spoilers And Leaks

One Piece Chapter 921 is just around the corner now, so let’s get started on the events of the upcoming chapter. The past few chapters have all been incredible. I think Oda is handling Wano Country arc very well, and I would like to see more of the same from him. However, every chapter cannot be great, which is why I’ve lowered my expectations for the next chapter a bit.

I think One Piece 921 will be a set-up chapter. Since there isn’t any break in between the next four chapters (that we know of), I think Oda will take his time to set up things that will then get more intense as we move forward. For me, the next chapter is going to be a good chapter, but I don’t expect a lot of action from it. Towards the end, we may be teased a bit about what will happen in 922, but as I said, the majority of the next chapter will likely be new information.

I’ve previously talked about Zoro fighting against Ja k the Drought, and I think that’s where the story is heading towards. But, I don’t expect it to begin in One Piece 921. Even if the fight does happen, we’ll see a lot of buildups, and I can guarantee that Oda will leave a cliffhanger for all of us. In my opinion, most of the upcoming chapter will be Kinemon explaining the plan to Luffy. Luffy doesn’t know what he needs to do next. He probably doesn’t even care either way, but Kinemon has a plan.

He has already assigned different people at different positions already. So, I think Luffy’s role will be explained to him now, and that’s going to take up a huge chunk of the next chapter. The remaining part will likely be about Zoro getting lost, and meeting with someone like Jack, or Hawkins, or maybe even Shutenmaru. He hasn’t been revealed yet, but I think he may make his debut soon.

One Piece 921 scans will be out by Friday, October 19. One Piece Chapter 921 returns officially on 22 October 2018.

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