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Read One Piece 1026 Spoilers: Luffy Is Officially YONKO Level!

One Piece 1026 Spoilers

One Piece 1026 spoilers came out a bit late this time after we have not received any updates for a week. The Manga is currently focusing on Luffy, Momonosuke, and Yamato vs. Kaidou, which will be the deciding battle for this raid. So, whatever happens, this time will mean victory for either side as the battle reaches its final moments.

Ever since Luffy made it to Wano, he has tried several times to confront Kaidou, and each of them ended in his defeat. This time he was saved by Law’s crew which was on the submarine, and he managed to catch up to the flying Onigashima thanks to Momonosuke’s matured powers.

Meanwhile, Kaidou took his time to figure out if Yamato was sure of her actions as she has been saying that she inherited Oden’s will this time. Finally admitting that he will have to deal with Yamato himself, Kaidou has resolved to kill her and carry on his new Onigashima project without her.

The idea was to have Yamato rule wano in Kaidou’s stead so she would be taking Orochi’s position. We also got to learn that Kaidou was an Oni(Ogre) when he told Yamato that she is the child of an Ogre who is meant to dominate and rule humans instead of befriending them like Yamato has been doing.

The upcoming chapters will likely touch on that. But as things stand, the highlight of the moment is the ongoing fight on the rooftop. Kaidou’s forces appear to be losing numbers even though only a few of them remain. So we won’t see that many numbers as only the strength of the strongest remain, so this will be an intense battle.  One Piece Chapter 1026 will be officially released on the weekend, but at the moment, we have the latest spoilers for the upcoming chapter.

One Piece 1026 Spoilers

One Piece 1026 Spoilers

We have the chapter spoilers courtesy of Redon.

The chapter will be titled “The Decisive Battle” (Official translations might vary)

On the cover, Nami and Leo are making a t-shirt for a lion cub next to his father (Minks). They are in a store called “Haute Couture Nami,” and the t-shirt design is the lion-sunflower that Bell-mère made for Nami when she was a child (in the clothes she inherited from Nojiko).

The chapter starts in the “Flower Capital,” where people are enjoying the festival. Tenguyama asks O’Toko if she is having a good time; she says yes while she eats candy. We also see a little flashback of the moment when O’Tama leaves Wano with Speed on a boat towards Onigashima. O’Tama tells Tenguyama that she has to help, although she doesn’t know whether she will return. Speed said that she would protect O’Tama. Back in the present, Tenguyama wonders if Tama is safe.

Clouds cover the “Flower Capital” sky, so the people at the festival can’t see that Onigashima is approaching the flower capital.
Cut to Onigashima rooftop; we see a Mary (a man from Kaidou’s army); he observes the battle and reports the situation to the rest of his crew. His voice is amplified, so he is heard throughout the castle.
Mary: “Reporting about the mysterious dragon!! Right now, at the roof is the wounded young Yamato. And in the sky is something very incredible… two dragons appear face to face!! The blue dragon is Kaidou-sama!! And pirate “Straw Hat Luffy” is riding on a pink dragon!!!”
Meanwhile, Yamato looks at Momonosuke as she remembers some words Momonosuke once said to him when he was still a child.
Momonosuke: “If only I could transform into a monster like him… it would be such a great help to everyone!!”

The Mary kept reporting, saying that the identity of the pink dragon is still unknown, but there is no doubt that it is the enemy. We then see Queen surprised at the Mary’s Report.
Queen: “Was Yamato the one who stopped Kaidou?”

Back to the battle between the dragons. Kaidou opens his mouth and prepared to fire his “Bolo Breath.” Luffy tells Momonosuke to shoot something with his mouth as well, but Momonosuke has no idea how to do it. Kaidou finally fires his “Bolo Breath,” and Momonosuke barely manages to dodge it. Luffy whispers something to Momonosuke that shocks him (we didn’t heat what it was) and then jumps towards Kaidou. Luffy blows his left arm and attacks Kaidou with “Elephant Gun,” hitting Kaidou on the head (he crashes into the ground). Momonosuke thinks about what Luffy said to him.
Luffy then tells Momonosuke to bite Kaidou.
Momonosuke: “I can’t, I can’t…!! I…!!”

As this happens, he remembers Kaidou’s assault at Kuri’s castle after Oden’s death and how Kaidou attacked his mother. That’s when He mustered up enough courage and gave a strong bite at Kaidou’s body.
Kaidou screams in pain; Momonosuke also remember the moment when Kaidou told him that his father was a fool of a lord and bit him even harder. Kaidou then turned around and looked very angry.
Kaidou: “What do you think you’re doing!!!”
Even though Momonosuke seems to be afraid of him, he does not stop biting Kaidou.

Momonosuke: “You destroyed Wanokuni!! I have to stop you anyway. My father was…!! My mother was…!!”
As she sees the situation, Yamato runs to help Momonosuke. But Luffy arrived first and punched Kaidou in the face.
Luffy: “Well done, Momo~~~!!!”
Cut to the treasure room on the second floor. The sky is covered with clouds, and Inuarashi has returned to his standard form and seems exhausted.

Jack: “The dragons have called the “thundercloud”…!! The moon has stopped shining tonight. Huh… Huh… … If you had attacked me one more time, I won’t be able to stand again!!”
Nekomamushi is in the same situation as Inuarashi’s; he has almost no strength. Perospero talks to him while he holds a giant candy ax.
Perospero: “Don’t blame it on the moon…!? You are out of luck!! Perorin ♪,” My luck is too strong for you, cat boss!!” Carrot and Wanda are watching helplessly.
Carrot: “Master Nekomamushi!! The “Sulong” form has disappeared.”

Luffy and Momonosuke Vs Kaidou

Luffy and Yamato

Luffy’s voice is heard throughout the whole castle.
Luffy: calls Momonosuke as the Samurai hears all of this
Luffy: “What you have just attacked is one of the “Yonkou” himself!! Is there anything else in this world that you still need to fear!!?”
Momonosuke: “…!! No…”
Luffy: “Go on!! You can fly!!”
Momonosuke: “Yes!!”
Luffy: “Stop Onigashima!!”
We then see Zoro and Sanji fighting back to back while they discover the dragon was Momonosuke.
Luffy: “Leave Kaidou to me!! I will definitely win!!!”
We now have a magnificent double-page. On the right side, we see a defiant Luffy and Kaidou in his dragon form (he is very serious). In the center of the page, we see the joyful samurai alliance as they hear Luffy’s words and the news about Momonosuke.

We also see the reaction from some characters like O’Tama, Nami, and Franky.
Big Mom: “Ma~~~mamamama!! Did you hear that? What a funny guy!!”
Kid: “Of course you have to!”
Law: “What on earth has he been up to?”
Kaidou transforms into his hybrid form as he goes after Luffy.
Kaidou: “… Do you think that there is still a possibility that you will beat me!?”

Luffy: “As long as I am alive, the possibility is endless!!”
Kaidou attacks with his kanabo while Luffy attacks with his fist; both of them use their Color of the Supreme King Haki. The attack creates a massive shockwave of black lightning, but their attacks do not touch (the same thing that happened with Roger and Whitebeard). The impact is very powerful, and the clouds starts to split the sky in two.

The Mary that was reporting the battle announced what happened to the entire castle before he was knocked out by their Haki. The sky is now open, and the moon appears clear. Jack and Perospero look at the moon in shock as Inuarashi and Nekomamushi transform back into their Sulong…

Inuarashi: “What were you saying…!?”
Nekomamushi: “Where has your luck gone now…?”
Inuarashi and Nekomamushi in unison: “Oden Ittoryu” (Oden’s One Sword Style).”
Nekomamushi: ““Nikoneko Bam” (Smiling Cat Strike – 猫笑衝突 (ネコニコバーン))”
Inuarashi: “Inu-spire” (Dog Powerful Cutting Arrow – 犬斬威矢 (イヌスパ イヤー)).”
Nekomamushi throws a powerful swipe at Perospero and shatters a part of his hat while breaking his candy arm. Inuarashi attacked with his sword-leg spear; he broke Jack’s belt and pierced his stomach.

It appears that Perospero, the eldest child of the Big Mom Pirates, has been defeated. “Jack the Drought,” the All-Star of the Beast Pirates, has been defeated.
A small door opens into the building near where Jack and Inuarashi are fighting. It’s Orochi, who has been watching the entire battle in the shadows…
Orochi: “Jack is defeated!? It has nothing to do with me tho…!!”

———————NO BREAK NEXT WEEK——————–

The Decisive Battle at The Roof Top

We will get to see Luffy vs. Kaidou continue without interruptions in the next chapter, so we expect things to be intense. This time Luffy is with Momonosuke and Yamato. But since Yamato has been fighting at her limits, she might not fight longer than she already has.

So, in the end, the fight might come down to Luffy and Momonosuke. But at the very end, we expect a one v one since Momonosuke is timid and has just learned to use his powers so that he might play more of a supporting role. Momonosuke seems to have the ability to injure Kaidou, but so far, we are not yet sure if this is because of his devil fruit or if it is because Kaidou has been fighting for so long and might be exhausted and getting weaker.

We will find out more as more chapters come. Because Kaidou’s full powers still remain a mystery together with his devil fruit powers. Since Momonosuke has a similar devil fruit made from Kaidou’s lineage factor, this might give Luffy and Momonosuke an advantage and manage to present an exciting fight in the end.

Other battlefronts like Perospero and Jack vs. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi also get some attention. So the chapter will not entirely focus on the rooftop battles but will have a few scenes from other battlefronts. We should be able to see what role will Yamato and Momonosuke play this time as the final moments have finally arrived.

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Meshack Makungo is an anime enthusiast from South Africa. He is so into anime & manga that he doesn't like to write anything other than anime & manga. He reviews episodes and manga chapters every day. You can reach out to him at

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