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Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Episode 24 Preview and Recap

Re Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2

This is the final episode of Re: Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2. Let’s find out what will happens since Emilia has just completed the third Trial. After destroying the barrier, Emilia is surprised to find that it is snowy outside. She heard the citizens who were waiting for her calling her name. Emilia questions the citizens what has happened and why it is snowing.

The oldies reveal that the snow started falling moments ago. But they cannot evacuate, and the spirit told them if they wanted to thanks someone, they should thank Emilia. Emilia told them that she had finished the Trial and it will be too dangerous to move now. She told them to take refuge in the graveyard. The oldies ask Emilia what she will be doing Emilia reveals that she is going over there, pointing at the location. She told them to stay safe, waiting for her to return.

Previously on Re: Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Episode 23

Roswaal has defeated Ram, and he has beaten her to a pulp. Everything around them is destroyed. The forest is burnt, and all we can see is the smoke of flames. Roswaal holds Ram and puts her in his lap. He wonders why she didn’t give up, and he realizes that she has told him that she loves him. Roswaal realizes that he has lost, and Ram has completed her goal. Lia will complete her Trial soon.

Puck told Roswaal that the book that he relies on is gone. Puck saw snow and realizes that Roswaal inscribed the spell that calls the snow clouds before the battle began. Since the snow is falling, things have turned out just as Subaru has feared. Puck decided that he will delay that from happening. Puck complements Roswaal about his magic, but he will never go far since he is a human. He told him that he would never be like that devil. Puck left the battlefield, and Roswaal takes care of Ram.

Re Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2

Re Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2

Roswaal looks at the sky and realizes that he has made the snow-fall as the Tome of Wisdom dictated. He recalls when he was battle Ram, and she burnt that book that he relies on. Roswaal is wondering what he should do now. He remembered when Subaru offers his hand, but that day he refuses to join Subaru’s team. He also realizes that he cares about Ram. Roswaal uses his healing spell and heals all the wounds that he caused on Ram. He is wondering what his teacher would have told him to do.

Ryuzu’s Clones

Roswaal regrets shedding tears that he has no one to guide him. Even his teacher is not around, and he is confused about what he should do. He comments that he doesn’t know anything. Roswaal asks his teacher to guide him again. Meanwhile, Emilia arrives at the location she was pointing at. She noticed that the mana is swirling here.

She saw a huge ice tree and wonders if it is the tree that is making the snow-fall. But that ice tree vanishes, and the lights lead her somewhere. Emilia realizes that Puck is waiting for her; she better hurry up. Emilia heads back to the Sanctuary and finds the multiple clones of Ryuzu. Ryuzu asks Emilia why she is here, and Emila is surprised to see Ryuzu’s clones. Ryuzu told Emilia that she has to stop her. Shima looks at Emilia and comments that it means Emilia has completed the Trial.

Ryuzu told Emilia that she would explain the clones later, but they have to stop the clones. Shima comments that Garf was correct about Emilia overcoming the Trial. Emila asks if it is that Ryuzu inside the magic crystal and asks if they can take her to the graveyard. Shima reveals that she is here to fulfill her role and her progenitor, who sleeps within this crystal.

Re Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2

Re Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2

To The Santuary

Ryuzu reveals that the crystal is the core of the barrier surrounding the Sanctuary. She reminds Emila that Emilia is the one who broke the barrier’s spell. Once the core is gone, the Sanctuary’s role will be completed, and it will be liberated. Shima told Emilia that the clones are the key to preventing that facility from being destroyed.

Shima hand over Puck’s crystal and told her that Puck has come here earlier and protected everyone. They perform Shima’s role and head to where Rem and Roswaal are. Emilia convinces Roswaal to return to the graveyard with her. Meanwhile, Subaru has arrived inside the room where Beatrice is, and he wants to save her. The two battles and Subaru tried to convince Beatrice, who wants to burn with the mansion. Beatrice agrees to head back with Subaru to the Santuary.

Re: Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Episode 24 Release Date

Re: Zero-Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Episode 24 will release on Wednesday, 24 March 2021, at 10:30 P. You will be able to watch Re: Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2 online on  Crunchyroll. Look at the following preview and updates below.

Re: Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Episode 24 Preview

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