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Spoilers & Preview: RE-MAIN Episode 5


Minato accepted Shugo’s challenge to race to determine if Shugo will join the Water Polo. During the race, Minato believed that he would defeat Shugo and play Water Polo together. But Minato suffered a narrow defeat, and Shugo shouts yes. Let’s find what decision Shugo will take after defeating Minato and who prevails on the recent development of RE-MAIN. Minato went to the dressing room without saying anything, and the boys wonder what Minato is thinking. Jo Jima tries to make Minato talk by saying something related to the Water Polo. Shugo reminds the boys that they told him that they wouldn’t bother him after he wins.

Jo Jima comments that he heard that from Shugo’s partner that he joined in beating his brother. Ejiro wonders if Shugo beat his brother, and Shugo replies he never beat him. Shugo adds that he respects his brother and joined the swim team, thinking that he will surpass his brother. His brother always betters him at all types of sport, and Shugo tries to find something different that he can win against his brother, But one day he comes close to swimming and almost beats his brother. His brother has a narrow win over him, and in all other sports Shugo surfers a clean sheet loss.

The two went to OMG Shiming School, and they enjoy learning different things together. Shugo thought he was close to getting a win from his brother, but his brother went to junior high and joined Water Polo. Shugo keeps on swimming, thinking that his brother will return and challenge him. But he never returns though Shugo surpassed his grade school record, it felt like Shugo don’t win without defeating his brother.  Regretfully Shugo quit the swimming club. Minato decided to talk with Shugo.

Previously on RE-MAIN Episode 4

Minato asks Shugo if he doesn’t hate swimming, and Shugo is furious and said it is none of Minato’s business. Shugo went away, and Minato bows his head, realizing they still need one guy to make them seven and register for competitions. Fortunately, three guys arrive, and Etaro realizes that he knows those guys. The trio said that Eitaro is the one who sent the message, and they thank him. Eijiri asks who these guys are, and Jo Jima pushes him and said those are visitors from Shogakukan. Jo Jima said those guys are Minato’s old teammates and last years’ Interhigh champs.



Eijiri wonders if they are their rivals and Jo Jima notice that Eijiri is not getting the point and send him to take a bath. The trio said that they wanted to see if Minato is back. They are glad that their leader is in a swimsuit and told him to recall their time together. Minato replies that the Remains are the same as before. The boys wonder what it is that, and Minato said it is one of the rules, and Eitaro said that’s an old term, but it is offsides now.

Minato said he remembers through sixth grade that he got stuck in the past, and if the memory doesn’t come back, he will remain like this forever. One of his former team member said it is not ”Remain”” but Re-Main.”  They remind Minato that he was their ”Main Man.” They told him that they would wait for him to be a player, and they know that he will make it. Minato reminds the trio that they can participate since they don’t have seven people. But the guy they had on mind reject their offer. Shugo surprised them and said he is still here and is joining the Water Polo. They had the first match, and Minato is not doing well.

RE-MAIN Episode 5 Release Date

RE-MAIN Episode 5 release date is Sunday, 8 August 2021, at 1:30 AM. This anime will release a new episode every Sunday; RE-MAIN has six episodes left to conclude the episode finale. Those who are not in Japan can get the latest episode every Saturday if they change Japanese time to their local time. Let’s take a look at the REMAIN official Funimation preview below.

Where To Watch RE-MAIN Episode 5?

You can watch RE-MAIN Episode 5 online on Funimation and ANIPLUS. RE-MAIN is available in English subtitles on its website and other official platforms; you can get all the last episodes of  RE-MAIN on its official website and other lates updates about the anime. The episodes are available for rewatching, and their dubs are also there. You can look at Spoilers & Preview: RE-MAIN Episode 4.

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