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RE-MAIN Episode 12: Release Date, Preview & Recap


The Water Polo Finals begins with RE-MAIN Episode 12, with Ryuhei getting wishes from his family as he heads out to meet his team for the finals. RE-MAIN reveals the last path of Ryuhei as he tries to become Japan’s best Water Polo. From the latest RE-MAIN Episode, Ryuhei thanks his family as he leaves the house. Jojima also gets ready and looks at the picture of his father before he leaves the house. He left a note for his father on the table and headed to meet with his crew. Later the team arrived at the dressing, and the coach gave them instructions.

The coach gave the list of rules to revise before the match. Rikka Gauken arrives and teases Jojima’s team. Ejiro told Toyama to stop it, and one of the humble guys said they had come to wish them luck. Ryuhei challenged Toyama for talking big that they would see who would score more goals when they clashed. Rhyuhei reminds Toyama of when he scored ten against him in middle school. Toyama and his boys realize that Ryuhei has regained his memories. Ryuhei replies that he remembers everything, and Toyama realizes that he has to avenge that 10:0.

Toyama replies that he is not scared since Ryuhei’s team has changed and not playing with the pros. Ryuhei realizes that Toyama underestimates his team, and they have to prove that they can beat the pros. The first match begins, and the boys head to the swimming pool. Ryuhei reminds Shigo about that trick and realizes that he has to step up since his team is full of amateurs. Chinu arrives with the girls’ team, and Rhuyei gets surprised. He realizes that she has high expectations of him, but they don’t talk to each other.

Previously on RE-MAIN Episode 11

The 42nd Chougoku Wind Orchestra summer competitions began, and Rhyuhei’s father watched the daughter as she participated. The Water Polo is also underway, and the guy watching the Water Polo wonders how long it will take. Eitaro told the guy that each period has eight minutes, and they play four periods. The guy replies that it means it is 32 minutes. Rikka Gauken vs. Yamanami High School begins as the boys enter the pool. Eitaro continues to explain, and the boys inside the water look at him, wondering why he is still out there.



Eitaro apologized and dived inside the water. Momo and the others watched Minato and said that they must not cheer for their rival Minato. Minato and Momo had made a bet on who will become first Japan’s best Water Polo. The ref blows the whistle, and the match begins. Shugo reached the ball first and passed it to Eitaro, who realized that he had to get to Minato, who would send it to the net. Eitaro noticed that six players had covered Minato and wondered if he should pass the ball.

He pas the ball to Eijiro since the other team is planning to hold Minato. Minato noticed the mistake and told his defenders to chase their opponent, but the guys didn’t understand, and they conceded a goal. Minato headed back and decided to go back, and he had to do something about that goal. The boys got confused and made another mistake. Minato gathers his team and reminds them to counter while he attacks. Two periods end and they returned to the water to show the training results with a new strategy. The boys made a remarkable comeback and won on their last shot. Jojima realizes that it is their first win.

RE-MAIN Episode 12 Released Date

RE-MAIN Episode 12 will be released on 3 October 2021. Jojima is surprised to hear his father calling him and congratulating him. Ryuhei’s sister also won the competition. Chinu noticed that Minato is a changed man, and he helped his team improved. Let’s look at RE-MAIN official streaming details below.



Watch RE-MAIN Episode 12 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch RE-MAIN Episode 12 online on Funimation & Bilibili on Sunday at 1:30 AM JST. If you are in other countries, you can watch RE-MAIN online on We Tv & ANIPLUS.

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