Rapper Hitman Holla Net Worth: How His Career Began?

Hitman Holla Net Worth 
Hitman Holla Net Worth 

Gerald Fulton or popularly known as hitman holla is an American rapper who made his career in the last few years. He’s not only a rapper but an actor and an athlete too. He made his career on Wild N Out. Hitman made his Career by jumping into rap battles. In 2006 he first battled against Remy, and the rest is history. He had his own way of finishing the battles with a unique line that made him more aggressive and punchy on the opponent’s face. Later on, his rap skills went up, and he also became a member of Battle American Fight Klub. Later on, he told people that he was banned from the club as he threatened A rapper named Norbes out.

His journey began from this part; he made his entry through the MTV show Wild ‘N out’, where he was the second rap battle artist to make an entry. He started getting a lot of fame because of his uniqueness. In the year 2017, he featured a new rapper named Jeff and released his new song by the name “Diddy Dum Dum.”

He recently appeared in a film name She ball; his rap battles on YouTube have over 46 Million views that are deal-breaking. His face value has earned a lot in the previous years. His brother shows out himself as a rapper. Previously his name was even used in two murder cases, and his name came into controversy. Although later on, his name was cleared off the charts. 50 cent, the incredible rapper helped Hitman while his mother was going through Breast cancer; he gave an amount of $10,000 to hitman.

Hitman Holla Net Worth

Hitman Holla Net Worth 
Hitman Holla Net Worth

Born in 1988 in St. Louis, Hitman Holla has made a net worth of $3 million in 2021. He has an incredible life and a great family. His father regularly visits his shows, and Hitman and his brother are regularly bringing up the buzz by their events.

Hitman Holla has completed his 9 seasons in Wild N Out. This show brought a whole new level of fame in his life; the value he had once has been increased about 5x after the show; his younger brother is another star of the family; he is a successful YouTuber and a regular rap battler. Show out he has a decent net worth at the moment. Both the brother are hustling in the niche they are in.

Hitman holla loves to wear baseball caps, apart from this he loves sports shoes to be in his wardrobe, He has got both ears pierced and loves going to the gym, he is a regular basketball player and loves the color red, you can find most of his wearables in Red Color itself.

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Social media Hitman Holla

Hitman holla is a proactive person who regularly engages himself on the internet; he even spoke against the riots that took place against the backs. He is a solid guy and gives his heart out online; in the past year, his search trends have gone straight up to the sky, and people want to know more about this incredible artist. While his mother had cancer, Various stars and Hitman himself Ran a donation hunch on social media, which turned out to be a great collection and helped his mother to a great extent.

His Instagram and Facebook have a lot of reach; thus, he gets brand promotions and is one of the prominent factors in his net worth.

Hitman Holla Personal Life

Hitman Holla Net Worth 
Hitman Holla Net Worth

He is currently dating a beautiful girl named, Cinnamon. He has motivated himself from X factor and Mook; he eventually received a scholarship from State Northridge during his highschool days. As his net worth is about 3 million at the moment, and he has even started his own clothing line. The range of the clothes starts from 29.9 $ – 150$.

Young Age of Hitman Holla

From a young age, he was involved in gang fights and other illicit crimes. Because of this, he had two murder cases charged on him. However, he got them cleared after a few years. In his early days, he did rap battles with various stars such as Bill collector, Hollow Da Don, Goodz, Math Hoffa, Conceited, Arsonal. He joined Battle America and Smack/URL. However, his career started by joining the Fight Klub League.

Hitman Holla is a star that has a bright future lies ahead!

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