Hello everyone, today we will be talking about why do devil fruit users sink in water, what are the effects of sea prism stones and how do they neutralise devil fruit powers.

Let’s start with what are Sea Prism Stones. Dr. Vegapunk has invented ways to use this natural substance found naturally in the world, although it is a rare substance we see it used in many ways like bullets, handcuffs, jewellery, cages, under marine vessels and weapons.

They also have a substance inside them called Pyrobloin which when extracted from Seastones, they can help to create Island Clouds and Sea Clouds which was stated back on Sky Island by Pagaya, Conis’ father.

To have any effect on a devil fruit user, the seastones must have a direct contact with that user, once there isn’t direct contact the effect wares off. That is the reason why Vice Admiral Smoker can use the seastone in the tip of his jutte. Wearing thick clothing might reduce its effect too.


Many people believe that seastones just nullifies the effect of the devil fruit but that isn’t quite correct, the seastone are like a magnet when getting in touch with a devil fruit user, it attracts the devil fruit so much that the devil fruit cannot help the user and use his ability.

Think of it this way, all things that we eat is just energy so are devil fruits. The difference is that ordinary food temporarily gives energy whilst devil fruit is for a lifetime and the more it is used the more powerful it gets.

The energy contained within the devil fruit is what gets attracted to seastones just like when 2 opposing magnets collide. When separate they have their own magnetic field but when 2 get together they have just one magnetic field and not two. The only difference is they are monopole meaning they do not have a north and south pole but just one wavelength just Vice Admiral Smoker said about them “gives off a wavelength that is the same as the sea itself.” It’s like the seastones and the sea have the north pole and the devil fruit is the south pole of this said “magnet”. That is why df users get their energy drained as it is attracted to the seastones.

Oda said in an interview on SBS all this will be explained further by a scientist in the future and I guess we all know who that scientist might be, Dr. Vegapunk himself.

Seastones aren’t the only downfall for df but water is too. Not only seawater but also fresh water even mineral or tap water can affect df users. Imagine having 2 magnets, one the size of a penny and another the size of a table both being fixed to the floor. If you place an iron in the middle, to which one will it be attracted the most? Obviously the big one.

The same effect happens to devil fruit users, when it is raining, the abilities of a devil fruit user wouldn’t be effected but one falls in the sea or have a large amount of tap water on the body the abilities are done for temporarily.

Which is why luffy was able to fight against Hody Jones underwater and not be effected by the sea and drain away all his energy.

This is my theory on what seastones are and the effect of water to a devil fruit user is. Hope you enjoyed it and share your thoughts in the comments section. Hope to see you on the next one.

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