Before Toppo’s elimination, there are only six warriors left in the Tournament of Power. That would be four for the Universe 7 (Goku, Vegeta, Android 17, and Frieza) and two for Universe 11 (Toppo and Jiren). Toppo then decided to become a God of Destruction, using his Hakai and God of Destruction powers as his power-up, he became a very strong opponent. With this powerup, the ranking has been changed in the Tournament of Power.

5. Frieza (Golden Frieza)

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Frieza is the weakest in the Tournament of Power right now, partially because he has lost his marbles in the last minutes because of Toppo. That mighty hand-crush on his head might’ve done something to act menacingly. But without his usual cool head and ingenious tactics, Frieza is prone to be beaten up.

4. Android 17

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Seen as the uncontested MVP in the Tournament of Power, we have to thank Dr. Gero for Android 17’s unlimited stamina. Though he lacks the raw power that others have, his unlimited fire-power and tactical prowess are what makes him above Frieza.

3. Migatte Blue Vegeta /SSB Kaioken Goku

With Vegeta’s Migatte Blue, he was now on par with Goku’s SSB Kaioken. This makes them equal in power, disregarding the Ultra Instinct. This makes them more than enough to beat Toppo, but not enough to beat Jiren. Partly because they are considered as God of Destruction candidates themselves. Jiren is just not the typical guy, he is the being that surpasses even a God. Go figure.

2. God Of Destruction Toppo

Being a God of Destruction not only made Toppo able to use Hakai, his strength and speed also improved. Although Vegeta defeated Toppo, in raw power, Toppo is clearly the winner. His stamina is still great. The only thing that made him lose to Vegeta is because of his lack of mastery in using his GoD powers.

1. Jiren

Even though Vegeta and Goku poured all their greatest efforts just to bruise Jiren, it is still not enough. Jiren is no doubt still the most powerful mortal in the whole DB multiverse. Whether he will win the tournament of power or be defeated with elimination or time-up, we will soon find out.