Tokyo Ghoul re Reveals New Photos For Episode 3

Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 3

Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 3 is airing this week, and I’m sure you all are pretty hyped for it, considered the episode we got last week. Now, there were some problems with that episode as well, adaptation-wise, but I thought it was much better than the first episode of the series.

The pacing was much better, so props to Studio Pierrot for that. I hope the inconsistencies decrease with each passing episode, so the next episode is something that excites me a lot. The preview for the next episode of Tokyo Ghoul re tells a lot about what’s going to happen. It looks like Haise is paying yet another visit to the Cochlea in order to talk to Donato Porpora. Donato will inform him about those at the Auction House, and Haise’s plan is to dress as a woman and enter the Auction.

Tokyo Ghoul re ep 3

We’re closing in on the Auction House arc, and I hope the adaptation does justice to the manga. This episode will also feature a lot of returning characters. First off, we are going to see Shuu Tsukiyama in the upcoming episode. It’s been a while since we last saw him. Tsukiyama is still searching for Kaneki Ken, and it seems to get his underpants just ain’t enough.

Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 3

We’re also going to see everyone’s favorite Suzuya Juuzou in the upcoming episode of Tokyo Ghoul re as well. Juzou has been at CCG for a long time now, and if I remember correctly from the manga, he should be an Associate Special Class Investigator. He’s come a long way, and expect a lot of action from him in the upcoming arc of the Auction House since he has got ties to that place.

Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 3 Release date

Other images for the upcoming episode reveal Saiko Yonebashi, and Kuki Urie. I assume we’ll see Urie after his Frame upgrade, and Saiko, being just Saiko. This should be enough to excite you all for the next episode of Tokyo Ghoul re. I’m expecting tonight’s episode to be better than the one we got last week because all the action at the Auction House I about to begin.

Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 3

What are your thoughts on Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 3? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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