Tokyo Ghoul re Ep 3 Confirmed Spoilers, New Leaks

Tokyo Ghoul re Ep 3

Tokyo Ghoul re anime has started off quite strong, and while the pacing is fast, and off the charts, it is actually adapting the manga quite well. I, for one, am just glad that we’re getting a Tokyo Ghoul re adaptation. For anime-only watchers, Tokyo Ghoul re probably doesn’t even make any sense.

If you need to enjoy Tokyo Ghoul re, you need to read the Tokyo Ghoul manga first, and then watch the re anime. Trust me, the series is going to make much more sense that way. Anyway, coming to the series itself, last week, we saw Kaneki going out of control for the first time, and this was triggered because he saw Nishio Nishiki’s face for the first time since he was brainwashed and inducted in the CCG. This broke his mind, and he lost control.

Tokyo Ghoul re EP 3 download

Akira did stop him, and Chief Washu seems to be okay with letting Kaneki be one of the CCG’s strongest. However, there are some who don’t trust Kaneki and label him a Ghoul. We also saw Arima in the last episode, and I think it was a great interaction between him, and Kaneki, however, there were some key elements that went missing in the anime adaptation of this moment.

Tokyo Ghoul re EP 3 Spoilers

Next episode of Tokyo Ghoul re is going to be extremely interesting. We’re going to get more information on Nutcracker, a Ghoul that likes to feast on the balls of men after crushing them. The arc will be named Auction House, and a lot of interesting stuff is going to happen there.

Tokyo Ghoul re EP 3 download

Haise’s plan is to enter the Auction while being dressed as women and carry out a successful raid there. They will probably seek help from Donato Porpora once more, and he’s proven to be extremely helpful with his insight. So, we’ll get to see Cochlea once again in the next episode. Cochlea will also have an even more interesting role to play in the future of the series. But I’m unsure if we’ll get the Cochlea arc in this season, or not. For now, I hope the Tokyo Ghoul re anime lasts for more than just 12 episodes, but that seems to be very unlikely.

You can watch Tokyo Ghoul re ep 3 on FUNimation & Madman Entertainment, download for this show is not available as of now.


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