Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 164, which should be out in a couple of days. Before I begin, I want to let you all know that this post contains spoilers from the previous chapters. If you haven’t caught up to the manga yet, I suggest you leave this post. Further, I’m going to speculate on. What I think will happen in the next chapter of Tokyo Ghoul re, so continue at your own risk. If spoilers don’t bother you, then let’s get started, shall we?

Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 164

Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 163 was possibly one of the biggest chapters we’ve got in a while. Kaneki Ken finally got a hold of himself, and woke up. Interestingly, both the CCG and the Ghouls were happy to see him regain senses, and Kaneki also found out about Hide being alive.
I feel like we will see them reunite pretty soon. But, what I’m even more interested to know is what exactly happened between Hide and Kaneki back. When Kaneki was about to fight against Arima for the first time. We only saw one wake up with blood in his mouth, but, the exact events remain unknown.

Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 164

Hopefully, once they reunite, we’ll see what actually happened between the two of them. During chapter 163, we also saw Nimura make a broadcast, and it showed some monsters eating humans. It looks like he is up to something once again. I think the Qs squad will head out immediately, but, Kaneki will probably be left behind, because he’s in no condition to fight right now, and his body is messed up as well. In Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 164, we might see Ghouls and humans team up once again.

Again, I’m more than excited to see what has happened to Rize Kamishiro, who has been born once again. Hopefully, the upcoming chapters will cover that, but for now, I think the primary concern of CCG will be to stop the attack at where Nimura is right now. We’ll likely see that being covered in the next manga chapter. Im really excited to see how this arc will conclude in the next few chapters, and I hope it lives up to the expectations.


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